Dave Bautista on The Manny Pacquiao Tattoo After Controversy

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Dave And Manny
Dave And Manny; Credits: Yahoo

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor referred to a tattoo over his left forearm of a woman with a sugar skull face paint. He stated that it was initially the team emblem of a pal who was someone he looked up to in a q&a session with GQ discussing his tattoos.

Dave Bautista said that through his work as an actor and his numerous tattoos, he communicates stories in every part of his life. The individual Dave looked up to afterward made some anti-gay sentiments in public and was revealed to be an extreme homophobe, Bautista claimed in the video.

He went on to say that he had a serious problem with it. He has a personal problem with it. He had it hidden since his mother is a lesbian, and he just couldn’t call him a friend anymore.

Dave Bautista Instagram Post of Cover-up Tattoo
Dave Bautista’s Instagram Post of Cover-up Tattoo

Manny Pacquiao’s Homophobic Statement

When asked about same-sex marriage by a local TV station in February 2016, when Pacquiao was vying for a position in the Philippine Senate, he stated that if men pair with men and women partner with women, they are even worse than animals. He issued an online declaration of regret following the reaction.

He said something along the lines of regretting insulting people by likening homosexuals to animals. to pardon him for the people he injured. He continues to hold to the conviction that he opposes same-sex marriage due to what the Bible teaches, but he does not condemn LGBT people. With the affection of the Lord, he loves everyone.

Bautista’s Philippine Culture

For those who are unaware, Dave Bautista, who plays Drax in The Guardians of the Galaxy, is Filipino on his father’s side and Greek on his mother’s. Some people might be surprised to learn that Filipinos adore tattoos.

Pintados, which translates to painted people, was the colonists’ term for the islanders when the Spanish arrived in the Philippines. The Catholic church made attempts to stop Filipinos from getting traditional tribal tattoos, yet we were still able to do so in modern times.

Dave Bautista in GQ Interview

People who are used to western tattoo artists go through a consultation process before having a Filipino tribal tattoo. To learn as much as possible about your ancestry, the artist probes into your patrilineal and matrilineal lineage. They also inquire about your occupation, the languages spoken in your family, the region from which your family originates, your interethnic identification as a Filipino, your family structure when you have siblings, and other things.

Bautista says in the GQ video that he has always been encouraged to be proud of his origin. With time and after visiting each of his countries, this feeling intensified. On his arm are the flags of the Philippines and Greece. On his elbow is another flag of the Philippines, and on his chest is the recognizable Filipino Sun.

A little part of me views Filipinos getting tattoos that “have significance” or complicated backstories as an act of decolonization, especially in light of Bautista’s father’s disapproval, which led the wrestler-turned-actor to cover up a tattoo of a cement heart on his ass.

Bautista revealed that one of the tattoos covered up was his friend and hero’s team logo who turned out to be an extreme homophobe when he admitted to having numerous cover-up tattoos and said They’re a component of your life story since you have disappointments and you make errors, so you attempt to correct them as best you can. Bautista instantly severed connections with his mother as she was a lesbian.

Winnie the Pooh, who is inked on the back of his leg, is another tattoo Bautista talks about. After working on the film My Spy with the actress Chloe Coleman, who was questioned about Bautista’s Winnie the Pooh tattoo during a press conference, this tattoo was inspired.

She responded right away in affirmation, comparing the Glass Onion star to a cuddly gigantic teddy bear. Because of his deep affection for her, Bautista decided to get the tattoo after learning that she was mistaken, supporting Coleman’s claim that Bautista is the sweetest person ever.

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