New King Kong Game Announced

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King Kong New Game Announced
King Kong New Game Announced

A new Donkey Kong Country game hasn’t been released in almost ten years, but with the opening of Super Nintendo World, this is the ideal opportunity to do so. The most recent entry was the critically acclaimed 2014 title Tropical Freeze, a slightly improved version that was re-released on the Switch in 2018 and sold well on both the Wii U and Switch.

Environmental themes were also highlighted in the first Donkey Kong Country, and they would remain important if a new installment were to appear in the years to come. Unfortunately, the franchise has been abandoned since that time. Nintendo inexplicably kept quiet including on Donkey Kong’s 40th anniversary in 2021.

Later that summer, however, Nintendo expanded the Donkey Kong trademark and developed new ones for the cantaloupe hero, raising fan expectations for just a new Donkey Kong video game. It would be ideal for the firm to release a new Donkey Kong Country video game now, one that would capitalize on the present cultural climate and the story’s newly found relevance.

King Kong New Game Announced; Credits: Nintendo Life
King Kong New Game Announced; Credits: Nintendo Life

Donkey Kong Country’s Plot

In the original Donkey Kong platformer from 1994, King K. Rool’s Kremkroc Industries’ mining and pollution are destroying their home, Donkey Kong Island, while Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are also looking for their missing banana horde. King K.

Rool and his gang of Kremlings are ruining the beautiful ecosystem to gain money, as evidenced by the barren hills, polluted lakes, burning oil barrels, and smoky skies. This message is more apparent now than ever before, some 30 years after the video game’s debut.

People today generally understand the effects of pollutants and global warming far better than they did in 1994, and since then, there has been a greater focus on the environment in movies and video games. The idea of a planet reclaimed by nature was mentioned in the setting of Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

With tremendous success, environmental issues have been front and center of the narrative in films like Avatar and WALL-E as well as video games like Beyond Blue and Endling – Extinction is Forever.

A new Donkey Kong Country video game could become a surprisingly intelligent and timely platformer that is both staggeringly beautiful kudos to its stunning scenery and convincing due to its tale and message if it could recreate the first game’s vibrant natural area and environmental message. A new Donkey Kong Country video game would be relished more than ever.

King Kong New Game Officially Announced; Credits: Leader Gamer
King Kong New Game Officially Announced; Credits: Leader Gamer

The game could be a success if Nintendo were able to capitalize on Donkey Kong Country’s resurgence in popularity as a result of Super Nintendo World as well as DK’s forthcoming cameo in The Super Mario Bros. Movie in April.

Joe DeVito, of DeVito Artworks, said he is overjoyed to be collaborating with the great team at GameMill Entertainment to provide gamers and fans of King Kong the chance to explore the prehistoric world of King Kong in a gamified way. King Kong’s license program is still being expanded into several different categories, such as board games, comic books, collectibles, and VR arcade games.

The King Kong video game by Ubisoft was well-liked because it allowed players to flip between playing as King Kong and mankind slaying dragons on Skull Island. It remained to be determined whether GameMill will choose to take that path or adopt a simpler approach. There are plenty of options for a King Kong video game, so perhaps they can pull this off well.

Donkey Kong and Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World, a tribute to Nintendo’s venerable 80s and 90s brands like Donkey Kong, will debut at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 17. The new exhibit, which Universal hopes to rival the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and the Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge at Disney, may rekindle interest in Nintendo’s legendary characters and even spark a revival for the company’s venerable properties. Even a whole area themed to Donkey Kong will debut at Japan’s Super Nintendo World in 2024, putting DK in the spotlight of the Nintendo fanbase.

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