Kitarō Tanjō: Gegege no Nazo Anime Film Gets Spooky Teaser Video, Releases November 17

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GeGeGe no Kitarō is back and ready to send chills down your spine. The official Twitter account for Kitarō Tanjō: GeGeGe no Nazo just dropped an eerie teaser video for the upcoming anime film, and it’s bound to have you sleeping with the lights on.

Get ready for an untold tale that’ll make you scared of your own shadow as the new film tells the story of “a previously untold extremely horrific story of a frightening secret of a cursed village.” This hair-raising anime film will hit screens in Japan on November 17, so prepare for a night of goosebumps. 

The anime film was announced as a tribute to the mastermind behind GeGeGe no Kitarō, Shigeru Mizuki. To celebrate his 100th birth anniversary, Toei Animation announced four major projects, Kitarō Tanjō being one of the four. As we remember Mizuki, who sadly passed away in 2015 at the impressive age of 93, we anticipate Kitarō Tanjō. 

The original 1960 manga gave birth to not just one, but seven television series, two live-action films and several animated movies. 

Kitarō Tanjō: What we Know

GeGeGe no Kitarō established itself as a beloved franchise, entertaining audiences with its mix of Japanese folklore, supernatural adventures, and heartwarming characters. Since its debut in 1960 by the legendary manga artist Shigeru Mizuki, GeGeGe no Kitarō has been consistent in putting out satisfying and spooky reads. 

Kitaro Tanjo,
Visual for Kitaro Tanjo (Credits: Anime News Network)

The Kitarō Tanjō: Gegege no Nazo film is directed by Gou Koga and is produced by Toei Animation. Hiroyuki Yoshino is responsible for the film’s screenplay and Touko Yatabe designs the characters. 

The talented Miyuki Sawashiro will once again voice the character of Kitarō, while Masako Nozawa takes on the character of “Kitarō’s Father” instead of the yokai, Medama Oyaji. 

GeGeGe no Kitarō: Over the Years

The franchise kicked off with the original GeGeGe no Kitarō manga, introducing us to the world of yokai and the eponymous protagonist, Kitarō, a young yokai boy with a strong sense of justice. The manga became an instant classic, creating a large fanbase in no time, owing to its imaginative storytelling and distinctive art style. It set the foundation for horror manga and anime. 

In 1968, the franchise made its television debut, bringing supernatural tales to life with the first animated adaptation of the series. This marked the beginning of a long list of successful anime adaptations that would follow over the years, the latest released in 2018. 

Kitaro Tanjo
Visual for Kitaro Tanjo (Credits: Anime News Network)

The franchise took itself beyond television, with several video games and two live-action films. Needless to say, a large number of people loved the Gegege no Kitarō works. 

Not everyone’s cup of tea, GeGeGe no Kitarō certainly has its charm. If you have a genuine interest in Japanese yokai and folktales, this show will likely be a good match for you. With many episodes, GeGeGe demands a certain level of passion and enthusiasm to truly enjoy the series. That being said, watching the episodes here and there to spook your friends with scary stories also works. 

From uncontrollable laughter to deep sadness and genuine happiness, this series will make you feel a lot of things. It’s not over-the-top good or incredibly bad, it lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. You might not recommend it to everyone you meet but you will, no doubt, keep going back for more episodes.

If you’re sitting on a late-night call with friends, wondering what to do, putting on this new film is a good choice. 

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