Dave and Busters Co-founder James Buster Coley Passed Away

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Dave and Busters Co-founder James Buster Coley Passed Away
Dave and Busters Co-founder James Buster Coley Passed Away

According to local sources and a statement from the company, the co-founder of the well-known arcade restaurant franchise Dave & Buster’s passed away in what appears to be a suicide. According to the neighborhood ABC affiliate WFAA, James “Buster” Corley, 72, passed away in Dallas on Monday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Corley was discovered by Dallas police after he shot himself in his property near White Rock Lake, according to police, and was taken to a local hospital where he passed away. Dave & Buster’s and Corley’s families both verified his demise. Following a recent stroke, his child told a local broadcaster that her father wasn’t the same.

According to Kate Corley in a statement to the station, Buster Corley suffered a stroke four months ago that seriously damaged the area of his brain responsible for speech and personality. The family is asking for privacy at this hard time.

Dave and Busters

After collaborating to open the first shop in Dallas in 1982, Corley and partner David “Dave” Corriveau went on to found the lucrative business. Corley was remembered for his easy chuckle and genuine concern for everyone who worked for him, according to a spokeswoman for the business that the business partners sold years ago.

Doors apart from one another in the late 1970s, Corley and Corriveau both operated their businesses: Corley opened a restaurant, and Corriveau ran an arena. They discovered they frequently saw consumers who wanted to combine dining out and gaming into one day and had the bright idea to open a single business that offered both activities.

They joined together in December 1982, and on Dallas Restaurant Row, they opened the first Dave & Buster’s, achieving their goal. According to the firm history, the business associates infamously rolled the dice to decide who would say their name first. Corriveau won the coin toss. Since then, the business has established more than 140 outlets around the nation.

While we will miss his sage advice and his easy chuckle, the legacy he and Dave built survives, according to a representative for Dave & Buster, Corley outlived Corriveau, who passed away at the age of 63 in 2015.

Dave and Busters Co-founder James Buster Coley Passed Away
Dave and Busters Co-founder James Buster Coley Passed Away

James Buster’s Net Worth

Online reports claim that as of this year, James’ net worth ranged between $6 and $10 million. A retail conglomerate invested in the company and assisted in its growth into additional locations when the first Dave and Buster’s restaurant opened its doors in 1982. The company had successfully added ten facilities by 1997, all around the United States.

The dining and entertainment chain, which mixes cutting-edge games and delectable food treats, had over 140 locations in the US and two in Canada as of January 2023. According to Macrotrends, Dave and Buster’s present net worth is around $1.7 billion.

James Buster’s Early Life

Before beginning the combined restaurant and entertainment venture, Corley and his business associate Dave Corriveau operated a game parlor at the end of the 1970s. In Little Rock, Arkansas, Dave managed Cash McCool’s, a gaming establishment, while Corley managed Buster’s, a bar.

They decided to collaborate after realizing that their businesses attracted similar types of clients who enjoy playing games and cooking at home. In December 1982, they established their first Dave and Buster’s restaurant in a 40,000-square-foot warehouse.

Dave & Buster’s claimed sales losses of 70% during the fiscal year 2020 as a result of the pandemic, similar to other businesses. The company revealed in April 2022 that it would pay $835 million to buy a Texas-based entertainment company.

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