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Born This Way Season 5:And Featuring Cast

‘Born This Way Season 5 update’ is one of the most asked questioned in the community. The reality TV series is directed by Laura Korkoian and created by Jonathan Murray. The plot of this series revolves encompassing seven kids who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome and how they are working hard towards achieving their goals. ‘Born This Way Season 4’ stars Elena Ashmore, John Tucker, Rachel Osterbach, Steven Clark, Megan Bomgaars, Cristina Sanz, and Sean McElwee.

2016 was one of the best years for this show as the show achieved a Television Academy Award. In Season 1 of the show, people diagnosed with Down syndrome come together and try to get along with each other. Born This Way Season 5is not announced yet nor the production company has stated about the series is continuing. As ‘Born This Way Season 4’ premiered recently on 15th August 2018. Season 4 saw many new colors of featured kids as they are more confident, self-sufficient and open about their feelings in this new season.

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Season one of the show commences with all the cast members joining each other, but soon Rachel and Christina are indulged in an argument. Alongside we see Sean is all determined and plans to become independent. The second season begins with the DSA (Down Syndrome Association) of Orange County’s red carpet event. Sean perceives an opportunity to watch a live concert by Justin Bieber in Las Vegas. In the next season of the show Rachel wants to pursue acting, and she goes for a film audition. Succeeding on, she gets a call from her first film audition. Megan rethinks about his connection with Sean. At the end of the third season, Steve enters with the Glee series actor Lauren Potter in the Red Carpet Ball.