Gamera -Rebirth- Anime Release Date Announced, Exciting Trailer Reveals 5th Kaiju ‘Viras’

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Gamera Rebirth
Gamera Rebirth Debuts On Netflix (Credits: Kadokawa)

Kadokawa took the stage at Comic-Con International and revealed an exciting array of announcements for the upcoming Gamera -Rebirth- anime. The highly anticipated trailer not only unveiled Gamera’s fifth and final kaiju foe, Viras, but also offered a sneak peek at the anime’s theme song “Natsuake” (Summer Dawn) by WANIMA.

Gamera -Rebirth- is set for a worldwide Netflix premiere on September 7. The anime promises six action-packed episodes, with the mighty Gamera battling against five formidable kaiju. And that’s not all; the series will also feature WANIMA performing the anime’s ending theme song, “FLY & DIVE.”

To add to the hype, fans can look forward to a manga adaptation of the anime, set to debut on Kadokawa’s Young Ace Up website, as well as a novel adaptation by director Hiroyuki Seshita. A lot to look forward to!

Since his first cinematic appearance back in 1965, Gamera has touched heights that even skyscrapers are unable to reach. This giant creature has starred in countless films, captivating audiences young and old with his fighting spirit and larger-than-life adventures. We’re very excited to see what he brings next.

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Gamera -Rebirth- Anime News 

The previous kaiju were revealed one by one to increase and maintain the hype surrounding the Gamera Rebirth anime. The previously announced kaiju includes Gyaos, Jiger, Zigra and Guilon. Now, our fight and final kaiju is Viras. 

Produced by ENGI, the anime is directed by Hiroyuki Seshita, accompanied by Keisuke Ide as the assistant director. Hiroyuki Seshita, Kenta Ihara, and Hiroshi Seko handle series composition as well as script-writing. Tetsuya Yamada is also credited for scriptwriting. 

The characters will be designed by Atsushi Tamura, and the monster design will be done by Kan Takahama, while Shūji Katayama will compose the music. Yoshikazu Iwanami is the sound director, and Yuichi Ishima is the line director. 

The Plot of Gamera -Rebirth- 

How did the “Summer of Kaiju” begin? Well, it all started when three boys, Boko, Joe, and Junichi, were in conversation, concerned about their future after elementary school. Brody, the son of a US military commander, steals money the boys had collectively saved.

Infuriated, the trio plan on getting their money back from the brat. However, they are stopped in their tracks when Kaiju Gyaos attacks Tokyo. Their fear turns into awe when Gamera turns hero and fights Gyaos. Now, an injured Gamera has to face off against four more Kaiju. “The boys witness the legend.” 

Gamera -Rebirth-
Gamera -Rebirth- (Credits: Netflix)

The cast of the anime includes Hisako Kanemoto, Yoshitsugi Matsuoka, and Aki Toyosaki, voicing Boko, Joe, and Junichi, respectively. Brody will be voiced by Subaru Kimura. For the character roles not yet disclosed, we have Mamoru Miyano voicing Takazi and Saori Hayami voicing Emiko. 

More About Gamera -Rebirth-

Similar to the character design from the 2015 Gamera short film, the giant’s body, head, and limbs closely resemble its previous version. The color palette has been changed a bit. It’s changed to a dark green-blue with bright green-blue features on this spiked back.

With large front “hands,” intoxicating bright blueish eyes, and a longer tail, his limbs can transform into flying wings when he flies. From what we know, Gamera can fly and breathe fire.

Gamera -Rebirth-
Gamera: Rebirth Netflix Anime (Credits: What’s On Netflix)

In 2005, Cartoon Network acquired the licensing rights for Gamera to create an American animated series set for a Spring 2007 debut. Unfortunately, the project never came to be.

Fast forward to November 16, 2022, when Kadokawa made a thrilling announcement for a new Gamera production titled “Gamera -Rebirth-,” set to be released worldwide on Netflix. Shusuke Kaneko (director of the Heisei Gamera trilogy) was thinking of adding another Gamera film to the series. However, by the time Kaneko had revealed his idea, Kadokawa had already started work on Rebirth. 

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