The Last Of Us Part 1 PC Delayed For Another Month

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The Last Of Us Part 1 PC Delayed! This game is a classic remake of the PlayStation 3 Classic of 2013.  However, for all the gaming lovers who were waiting for the release of this game, this has become a sad time. The Last Of Us Part 1 PC is delayed for another month. The game was due for release in approximately a month.

It is one of the most awaited games and has an iconic status on the PlayStation. The Last Of Us Part 1 is a true inspiration for a lot of games on the PlayStation 4, and gamers are eagerly waiting to get their hands on this game. 

The game made its release with the release of PlayStation 5, but the PC version was said to be released somewhere in early 2023. During the game awards 2022, Naughty Dog gave fans a concrete release date. 

Fans still recovering from the news are still keeping their hopes up as the delay is not that long for the release of The Last Of Us Part 1. They can still play this survival action iconic game in March 2023 itself, only after a few weeks from their initial plan of playing the game. 


Why Is The Last Of Us Part 1 PC Delayed?

As confirmed by Naughty Dog in his recent tweet on his Twitter handle, this delay has been made to polish the game better and make it a one-of-a-kind experience for the players investing their time in The Last Of Us Part 1 PC.

This iconic game will have faster load times and improved graphics which is something to look forward to for all gaming lovers. This delay is done to refine the game better and to optimize it better for all their users. The aim is to make this delay is to make this game up to the standards of Naughty Dog and the team’s work and also to match the expectations of all gaming lovers. 

When Will The Last Of Us Part 1 PC Released?

As mentioned earlier, the delay in the game is not for a long period. Gamers who have been excitingly waiting for this game will not have to wait a very long time, just a couple of weeks.

The Last Of Us Part 1 PC will now be released on March 28, 2023, in place of March 3, 2023. March 3, 2023, was the first initial planned release of The Last Of Us Part 1 PC game. Naughty Dog himself had announced this date earlier for all the fans. 


Is The Delay For The Last Of Us Part 1 PC Good?

There has been a lot of speculation about whether the decision to delay the game by Naughty Dog and the team has been a great decision or not. Keeping the anticipation of fans in mind, we believe this decision was a blessing in its way.

There are three existing released versions of The Last Of Us, including a remake version and Part 1. This can, however, be confusing for the new gamers who are joining this series. The PC version, which is now releasing on March 28, 2023, helps in guiding these new players to the current version of the game and it will now be no longer exclusively available for PS5 owners only.

Another reason why we believe this delay to be good is this allows the fans to finish watching the HBO series The Last Of Us before they make their jump into the game, giving them enough time to soak in the series and avoid seeing any spoilers for the show in the game whether on purpose or not. This might also excite new players to join in after seeing the entire series. 

We know that the delay right now might not seem the best choice, but we do, believe that this decision has a lot of reasons for how fruitful it will be for the game and all gaming lovers to dive into the most current version of this series. 

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