Is Matthew Perry Dead? Sick Rumors Nothing More!

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The famous actor Matthew Perry has been the victim of trolls recently. Reports have falsely claimed his death. This had left every FRIENDS fan in anger, and the world was going crazy wondering if Matthew Perry was dead. A hoax had claimed that Matthew had died in an accident. The famous actor had not been the first one who is falsely killed by trolls on his birthday. Shane Dawson was also rumored to be dead last month on his birthday. Shane is a YouTube sensation, and the trolls made it look like he was dead. Several other actors have been a part of this false report of being dead for trolls to have sensational headlines. Unfortunately, Matthew was their recent victim.

Matthew Perry Is Not Dead

This recent information had left all FRIENDS fans in shock and terrified. The internet had several posts which were claiming for the actor’s death in an accident. No one knows the actual source of this rumor. The rumor claimed that the actor had passed away a day before his birthday. Nevertheless, the actor is alive, well, and healthy in 2022, and there is no need for fans to worry. Nobody has confirmed this rumor. None of Matthew’s representatives, close friends, or family had issued any statements regarding the same. Sadly, this was another fatal attempt by trolls to gain some popularity and attention.



Matthew Perry Celebrating His Birthday

Matthew Perry turns 53 on 19 August 2022. The actor is alive. He is well known for his character Chandler Bing on the hit television series, FRIENDS. Monica Geller was the love interest in this show. Monica’s character was played by Courtney Cox. Chandler was also close friends on the show with Ross, Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe. Courtney and Matthew are good friends to this day. Last year, the actress gave a birthday shoutout to Perry on his 52nd Birthday. Courtney had posted a throwback picture on Instagram. She had referred to Perry as one of the funniest people with a little FRIENDS pun-intended I KNOW in her posts’ caption.

Matthew Perry was also part of the FRIENDS reunion episode last year. Years back, the actor was a part in a car accident. He has not been a part of any car accident this year. Even then, none of the parties were injured. Matthew Perry is healthy and happy. FRIENDS fans do not need to worry.

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