Top Ten Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021

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Falling Into Your Smile
Falling Into Your Smile

It is surprising how this year there has been some kind of enormous influx of high production that has managed to deliver some of the best romantic Chinese series of all time. In fact, those who are more into Korean dramas and haven’t watched many Chinese dramas, have also been seen switching to C-dramas in 2021. This might be because of how most of us have run out of content to binge-watch after watching almost everything under the entertainment section. Either way, the Chinese Entertainment industry is on fire this year, especially the rom-com genre!

We are here to share a list of the best romantic Chinese dramas of the year that you should definitely watch. Whether it is a love story between a famous personality and the nerdy genius, between the cold CEO and a typical cheerful girl, or between two e-sports players, the list covers all that you might need.

10. Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling

Director: Zhong Qing
Screenwriter: Dai Qi, Daisy Yan
Starring: Rosy Zhao, Terry Liu, Yana Zhang, Daisy Li, Zhou Jun Wei, Qi Pei Xin
Total Number of Episodes: 24

Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling
Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling

The story follows a spunky young woman, Gu An Xin, who works as a delivery-women, striving hard to make her dreams come true. One day when she accidentally runs into Ling Yue, the heir of a major corporation, her life takes a different turn. Their first encounter is somewhat unusual as she finds Ling Yue injured in an accident resulted due to an ugly conflict for inheritance at a powerful conglomerate. Gu An Xin misunderstands the situation and assumes it to be her mistake that Ling Yue has lost his memories.

She brings him home and takes care of him despite their differences. No sooner do they begin to develop feelings for each other than Ling Yue regains his memories and their relationship falls at stake. If you are into really cute, fluffy and sweet dramas with a lot of skinship, there’s a high chance the show can end up being one of your favourites. You can check it out on Viki app or YouTube channels of Youku and Yo Yo English channel.

9. Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard

Director: Qiang Wu
Screenwriter: Yang Ni Kou, Liu Chang
Starring: Allen Ren, Fair Xing, Wayne Liu, Chloe Zhao, Jun Sheng, Ge Shi Min
Total Number of Episodes: 36

Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard
Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard

The story follows a talented young architect, Gu Chuan whose life changes completely when he gets into an accident. Although his doctors save him, he has to get a heart transplant and instead of a human heart, he gets a mechanical one that cannot handle emotions beyond a certain limit. For over ten years of his life, he lives a dark and somber life, without any excitement, always under the impression that death might devour him anytime.

When he meets a woman named Jiang Xiao Ning, a new employee at the company, another turn of events takes place. Jiang Xiao Ning is a cheerful and optimistic woman despite her own sad back story. The question that follows is whether Gu Chuan is allowed to have feelings for Xiao Ning in his mechanical heart. The story is unique and peculiar at the same time. You can check it out on Viki and We TV.

8. Unforgettable Love

Director: Li Yu Lei
Starring: Moles Wei, Hu Yi Xuan, Lennon Sun, Jerry Yu, Sheng Hui Zi, Wu Cheng Xu
Total Number of Episodes: 24

Unforgettable Love
Unforgettable Love

Unforgettable Love‘ stars probably the cutest person alive on the Earth right now and I’m not even kidding! It’s the little kid! The show revolves around the CEO of Heshi Group, He Qiao Yan and a child psychologist, Qin Yi Yue, who are brought together by Qiao Yan’s six-year-old son, Xiao Bao. Although he’s very mature and talented for his age, he suffers from PTSD and doesn’t communicate with people easily. He uses his tablet or mini cards to communicate with people, if at all needed, until one day when he finds comfort with the optimistic, considerate, and meticulous Yi Yue.

While Xiao Bao develops a strong affection for Yi Yue and asks her to be his mother, Qiao Yan will go to any extent to fulfil his son’s wish. The show is fun and light with a slow burn romance. However, the parent-child relationship has been dealt with in a perfect manner and you are going to love every bit of it. You can check it out on MGTV Drama Channel on YouTube for free.

7. Love Scenery

Director: Zoe Qin
Screenwriter: Qin Wen
Starring: Lulu Xu, Lin Yi, Hu Bing, Harry Hu, Zhong Dan Ni, Jiang Yu Wei
Total Number of Episodes: 31

Love Scenery
Love Scenery

Love Scenery is a simple and warm love story of a renowned singer named Liang Chen and a computer gamer and big data researcher named Lu Jing. Although Lu Jing is very popular in the academic field and leaves no chance to influence others around him, he considers himself to be the biggest fan of Liang Chen and supports her with his whole heart. In order to draw inspiration for her songs, Liang Chen starts playing computer games which she is terrible at. She ends up teaming with Lu Jing unknowingly and the two become friends.

However, fate seems to have something else planned for them as they keep having encounters with each other. Although the show has a slow start, it gets a lot better as the story progresses. ‘Love Scenery‘ is not just a musical rom-com, it also showcases their journey of pursuing dreams. It is available to watch on We TV and iQiyi.

6. Crush

Director: Yu Cui Hua
Screenwriter: Yang Yi Xun
Starring: Evan Lin, Wan Peng, Cong Shang, Li Jia Hao, Niu Yu Kun, Zeng Yi Xuan
Total Number of Episodes: 24


A college senior named Sang Wu Yan, who dreams of becoming a radio broadcaster, is a huge fan of a mysterious songwriter with the pen name, Yi Jin. She falls in love with a visually impaired man at first sight named Su Nian Qin. Although Su Nian Qin is kind and talented, he is arrogant, elusive and indifferent due to his broken family. Wu Yan helps him let go of his haunting past and soon comes to know that he is the mysterious Yi Jin. Gradually, love blossoms between the two and Su Nian Qin begin to depend on her for emotional support.

However, their happiness becomes short-lived when fear of loss starts coming in their way to a peaceful life. They break up eventually but fate brings them closer again after three years. The show perfectly manages to capture the difficulties that a visually impaired person has to go through. Moreover, the relationship dynamics between Wu Yan and Nian Qin came out to be very natural and pleasing. You can watch the entire show online on iQiyi for free.

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5. The Day of Becoming You

Screenwriter: Wang Xiong Cheng
Starring: Steven Zhang, Liang Jie, Eden Zhao, Vian Wang, Zhou Shi Yuan, An Ge
Total Number of Episodes: 26

The Day of Becoming You
The Day of Becoming You

An entertainment reporter named Yu Sheng Sheng doesn’t get off with a good start with Jiang Yi, the leader of a boyband, after he catches Yu Sheng Sheng deceiving him for gaining an exclusive interview. However, after a series of incidents the two of them end up fainting in an elevator accident only to find themselves in each others’ bodies when they wake up. The body-switching comes off guard to them and they end up supporting each other in the following days.

While Sheng Sheng discovers Jiang Yi’s true nature hidden behind his arrogant and cold personality, owing to his broken family, Jiang Yi begins to feel warm with Sheng Sheng’s family. Bickering turns into friendship and then love. The show is extremely hilarious, full of fun and super entertaining. The performances of the lead actors are exceptional, especially that of Steven Zhang, with impressive chemistry between the two. Overall, the series has done justice to the rom-com genre.

4. You Are My Hero

Screenwriter: Qin Wen
Director: Zhang Tong
Starring: Sandra Ma, Bai Jing Ting, Chen Hao, Jiang Pei Yao, Wayne Wang, Zhang Yao
Total Number of Episodes: 40

You Are My Hero
You Are My Hero

The story follows a doctor named Mi Ka who always remains busy, leaping upon every chance to help save people’s lives most of her time. She volunteers to join an emergency rescue training exercise for the police SWAT team where she comes across a special ops agent, Xing Ke Lei. However, they do not go along well owing to the initial encounters that have left them with misunderstandings. However, when a deadly earthquake shakes the whole world’s foundation, Mi Ka with her team is ordered to help the rescue operations at the central point.

Working as a team, their feelings for each other begin to change gradually as they observe each others’ tireless efforts to save lives. ‘You Are My Hero‘ is indeed an underrated gem. The story is refreshing and heart-warming and void of any love triangles, conflicts and misunderstandings. You can watch it online on We TV, Viki and Croton Megahit’s official YouTube channel.

3. My Little Happiness

Director: Yang Long
Screenwriter: Liu Fei, Liu Chen Guang
Starring: Fair Xing, Daddi Tang, Huang Yi Lin, Leon Li, Fu Wei Lun, Liu Chang
Total Number of Episodes: 28

My Little Happiness
My Little Happiness

The series marks the reunion of ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder’ stars, Fair Xing and Daddi Tang. Fair Xing, playing the role of Cong Rong deceives her mother about going abroad for studying finance as she secretly returns home to work as a legal intern. Her first client is Wen Shao Qing, who is a surgeon and Cong Rong’s childhood best friend. Although Cong Rong doesn’t remember him, he recognises her and decides to do everything to make her remember him. He becomes Cong Rong’s landlord and the next-door neighbour and soon love starts to bloom between the two, tied together by the strings of fate.

All the characters of the show are extremely likeable with a good story. The leads share sizzling chemistry that continues even after they get together. Check it out on We TV and Viki.

2. You Are My Glory

Screenwriter: Gu Man
Director: Wang Zhi
Starring: Yang Yang, Dilraba Dilmurat, Pan Yue Ming, Hu Ke, Ian Wang, Sun Ya Li
Total Number of Episodes: 32

You Are My Glory
You Are My Glory

Yang Yang has finally made a comeback in a rom-com after over four years that too with ‘Love o2o‘ screenwriter, Gu Man. Isn’t that enough of a reason to already love it! Yang Yang plays the role of an aerospace engineer, Yu Tu, who is also an expert gamer. Back in the high school days, Yu Tu was a genius while Qiao Jing Jing used to be an average schoolgirl who had a huge crush on Yu Tu but got rejected by him.

Ten years later, they cross paths again on a gaming platform. While Jing Jing is a famous actress now, Yu Tu struggles to make a decision between living his dream as an aerospace engineer and giving a financially stable lifestyle to his parents. Jing Jing convinces him to teach her how to play and help her keep her image of the game’s ambassador intact.

What makes YAMG a worth-watching drama is the fact that it is not just a plain rom-com with good-looking actors with great chemistry. Everything, starting from the plotline, the character development of the lead actors, the depth of the scenes to Yu Tu’s struggle to achieve his dreams, the show has done justice to the novel. The show is available to watch on We TV for free.

1. Falling Into Your Smile

Director: Qiu Zhong Wei
Starring: Cheng Xiao, Xu Kai, Rachel Wang, Zhai Xiao Wen, Zhou Yi Ran, Yao Chi
Total Number of Episodes: 31

Falling Into Your Smile
Falling Into Your Smile

All the e-sports drama lovers, line up here! One of the most loved shows of the year, ‘Falling Into Your Smile’ has been adapted from a web novel by Qing Mei titled, ‘You’re Beautiful When You Smile’. The show centres on a group of professional gamers who are a part of the team ZGDX and their struggle to reach the top. When one of the star players of the team suffers from a hand injury, the captain of ZGDX, Lu Si Cheng, selects an amateur gamer named Tong Yao in his stead, who is obsessed with playing games. However, the presence of the only female player in the gaming industry is not accepted well by the fans who keep giving her a hard time.

Although Tong Yao is petite and immature, she immediately surprises everyone in the team with her skills, especially Lu Si Cheng, who misses no opportunity to pull her legs. Although she has taken a vow not to date a pro gamer ever in her life, her growing closeness with Lu Si Cheng works for the opposite. FIYS is not really a plot-driven drama. Rather, it focuses more on the development of the characters and the way they deal with issues not under their control. Bickering couple, amazing chemistry and funny and likeable characters, what else do you need! You can watch the show online on Viki and Youku for free.

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