Love Flops Original Anime’s Manga Ended on July 28

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Love Flops
Love Flops Manga Ends (Credits: Crunchyroll)

In the latest edition of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine, the concluding chapter of Love Flops, Ryūdai Ishizaka’s manga adaptation of the Love Flops (Renai Flops) original anime series was released. The final installment was published on July 28, marking the end of a journey for fans who have followed the manga’s captivating narrative.

Love Flops is a Japanese anime series, brought to life by Kadokawa Corporation, with animation by Passione and directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama. The show aired in 2022, on AT-X and various networks. Building on its success, a manga adaptation penned by Ryūdai Ishizaka was serialized in Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine for one year (2022-2023).

Imagine the message you read on the fortune cookie comes true. It would be pretty sweet, right? Well, something similar happens to our protagonist in Love Flops. One morning he’s watching a fortune show, and the next moment he realizes he’s living through every prediction. 

The unique premise surely brings us to the series, but the animation makes us stay. The visuals, in the manga and anime, exceed our expectations. With Passione animating the anime, we expected A-class fan service and that’s what we got. 

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Love Flops Original Anime 

The Love Flops manga is an adaptation of the original anime series of the same name. The project was announced in 2022 and was followed by an October 2022 release. Sentai Filmworks claimed the license and streams it on HIDIVE.

Love Flops
A Still from the Love Flops Anime Series (Credits: Crunchyroll)

The original anime series was directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama, accompanied by assistant directors, Midori Yui and Fujiaki Asari. The scripts were written by Ryō Yasumoto, character designs were handled by Kazuyuki Ueda, who also serves as chief animation director, and the music was composed by Kenichiro Suehiro. 

The Premise and Cast 

In the world of Love Flops, futuristic tech and fate collide. A high school-going Asahi Kashiwagi finds himself confused when an AI TV fortune teller nails his entire day’s happenings. And it’s one crazy day. Enter Aoi, Bai, Karin, Amelia, and Ilya, who’ve got love confessions lined up for Asahi.

And guess what? They’re all potential brides, invited by his dad to move in. Reluctantly, Asahi lets them stay, but as memories resurface, Asahi starts to wonder if there’s more to this cosmic connection than mere coincidence.

Love Flops
A Still from the Love Flops Trailer (Credits: Crunchyroll)

The main cast includes Ryōta Ōsaka voicing Asahi Kashiwagi, Miku Itō voicing Aoi Izumisawa, Ayana Taketatsu voicing Amelia Irving, Rie Takahashi voicing Irina Ilyukhina, Hisako Kanemoto voicing Bai Mongfa and Marika Kōno voicing Karin Istel. 

The supporting cast includes Jun Fukuyama voicing Yoshio Ijūin, Shiori Izawa voicing Loverin, Miku Itō voicing Ai Izawa, and Yukiyo Fujii voicing Yoshino Feynman. 

Worth a Watch? 

Love Flops, also known as Renai Flops, might start like your typical fan-service harem rom-com but don’t be fooled by its initial generic appearance. Sure, the first half follows all the typical tropes, and if you’re not a fan of such shenanigans, it might not be your cup of tea.

But the second half takes an unexpected turn, breaking down those harem tropes, and giving us a major plot twist that flips the world upside down for the characters. It’s like a parody of the harem genre, much like how Muv Luv did it.

The fan service may not be as strong as some other shows, but it still is as enjoyable. Love Flops offers some genuinely good writing that mostly goes underappreciated. So, give it a shot, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised, just like how others were. 

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