Lionel Messi and Beyoncé Ignites SoCal With Star Power: Dual Dynamo Weekend

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Lionel Messi And Beyoncé
Beyoncé and Lionel Messi is coming to take over LA (Credits: ABC7)

Los Angeles is going to be the destination for everyone this Labor Day weekend. Los Angeles is getting all set to greet the two very famous celebrities this Labor Day weekend. Beyoncé is going to perform three concerts at SoFi Stadium, starting on Friday, as a part of her eagerly awaited “Renaissance” tour. And her fans are already excited and going out to enjoy the festivities.

On Sunday, not too far away, the famous soccer player Lionel Messi will be in Los Angeles. He will be playing for Inter Miami against LAFC at BMO Stadium. The game is set to start at 7. p.m., but before that, LAFC Fan Fest, The Fields LA food hall, and the stadium gates will open early. This means fans can enjoy food, drink, and entertainment before the game begins.

But if you wish to see the Argentina World Cup champion or listen to Queen Bey sing your favorite tune in person, you will need to pay some money.3

Tickets for Lionel Messi and Beyoncé’s events

Tickets for the much-awaited game between LAFC and Messi’s Inter Miami are being sold on Ticketmaster for a lot of money. Some tickets are being sold for hundreds of dollars, and some are even being sold for thousands.

On Wednesday night, the least expensive ticket on Ticketmaster, which was a verified resale ticket in the supporter’s section, was being sold for a little less than $500. Tickets that were closer to the field much more than that.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi is coming to LA (Credits: Daily Sabah)

If you want to dress all in silver for one of Beyoncé’s concerts, the least costly ticket we discovered costs approximately $165, but it offers a limited view. Tickets for Saturday and Monday will be even pricier.

The Messi magic

The cost of the tickets for Inter Miami matches went up a lot after Messi joined the team. Messi, who is 36 years old, came to MLS from Paris Saint-Germain and had his first game in Miami on July 21. He scored ten goals in seven games during the League Cups and the U.S. Open Cup semifinal.

Miami has been successful in nine of its last ten games, and this improvement happened quickly after Messi joined the team. LAFC will try to be the first team to beat Inter Miami now that Messi is a part of the team.

Additionally, since Messi came to the club, they have also signed his former Barcelona teammates, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

The Queen Bee’s magic 

Beyoncé’s fans have eagerly been looking forward to this tour since last summer, and it has been very successful till now. In fact, some people even said that it caused prices to go up in Stockholm in June.

 The tour has already achieved some significant accomplishments. ABC News reported that the European part of her tour made a total of $154 million. She also made $141 million from only the first 12 concerts in North America, and she has more shows scheduled until October. This tour is easily her most financially successful one to date and is the most profitable for any Black artist since Billboard began keeping track of tour earnings over four decades ago.

Beyoncé p
Beyoncé performs onstage (Credits: Kevin Mazur)

According to ABC News, the entire tour is expected to reach a massive $500 million in earnings, thanks in part to the highly anticipated concerts in cities like Los Angeles and her hometown of Houston. If it manages to make $525 million, the tour would join the list of the top 10 highest-earning tours ever.

The demand for touring is skyrocketing.

Experts say that the concert industry is currently experiencing a high level of demand. Barry Rudin, who manages the appropriately named online ticket platform Barry’s Tickets, mentioned that one significant observation he has made is that the demand for tickets has remained strong and had even increased during the summer.

In the past, for nine out of every ten shows, ticket prices would drop during the week of the event because everyone would be excited and buy their tickets early, he said. But now things have changed. It has become a more established market. With so many shows happening, ticket prices tend to rise towards the end.

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