Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations and Cast

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The movie Midnights At The Magnolia is a 2020’s Netflix movie. It is a sweet rom-com starring Evan Williams and Natalie Hall, who makes an excellent lead. The script is better than usual for a Netflix holiday movie, and they have great chemistry together. 87 minutes of a wonderful time.

Natalie Hall and Evan Williams play the main characters of Maggie and Jack in the romantic comedy ‘Midnight At The Magnolia’. The story of this Max McGuire-directed film tells the lives of two childhood friends who are now working as coworkers at a radio station. To improve the likelihood that their radio program will be successful, they both decide to act like a couple, and they subsequently fall in love with one another.

‘Midnight At The Magnolia’ filming locations are far from Chicago, despite the fact that the story of the movie is set there. In the romantic comedy “Midnight at the Magnolia,” Maggie and Jack are the main characters.

They co-host a well-liked radio program that is up for national distribution. Jack advises them to pose as a couple in order to improve their chances. Soon, they both begin to doubt that it is merely a charade. Longtime friends and local radio hosts Maggie and Jack fake their relationship as a couple for their families and listeners so that they can get their show nationally syndicated.

The couple goes sledding as the film comes to a close. On the occasion of their anniversary, Jack pops the question to Maggie, and she answers, “Yes”. 

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Many movies are not truly shot where they are supposed to be, as you may already be aware. Let’s learn more about the movie’s filming locations!

Where was the movie ‘Midnight At The Magnolia’ actually shot then?


It is simple to understand why Ottawa is one of the world’s most adored capital cities. It has a walkable downtown area, excellent public transportation links, a lot of parks, an outdoor dining and cafe culture, extremely friendly people, and stunning rural suburbs. The movie was filmed in January of this year, just before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Midnight At The Magnolia was filmed in Ottawa, Canada, despite the fact that the plot is set in Chicago. The capital of Canada, produced by MarVista Entertainment, gave the filmmakers of this film appropriate locales. 

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Covington, Georgia

Most of the show’s scenes were filmed in Covington, Georgia, a real town. Less about an hour’s drive east of Atlanta, charming Covington is a well-liked filming site. In fact, Covington/Newton County has hosted more than 160 film productions, including The Dukes of Hazzard, In the Heat of the Night, and Serenity, SC for Sweet Magnolias, and Mystic Falls, VA for The Vampire Diaries.

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Here is all the information you need to know about Midnight at the Magnolia’s two endearing leads:

Natalie Hall

Actress Hall most recently played Maggie Quinn in the Midnight at the Magnolia series on Netflix. Natalie Elise Hall, or Natalie Melinda Hall, was born on 25 January 1990. She is a singer and actress from Canada. She has performed in a number of Broadway, movie, and television productions. 

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Evan Williams

Williams is a native of Canada, just like his co-star Hall. He played Jack in Midnight At The Magnolia. Williams was born in raised in Calgary, Alberta. His best known for his roles on Degrassi: The Next Generation, Awkward, and Versailles.

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Another cast of Midnight At The Mongolia:

Michael Gordin Shore 

He is an award-winning actor, film, and TV Producer who played Martin Russo.

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Steve Cumyn 

Steve Cumyn is a Canadian actor known as the voice of Hoyt Volker in ‘Far Cry 3’ played by Steve Quinn.

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Olivier Renaud 

Olivier Renaud is a Canadian actor native of Montreal, Quebec played Hunter.

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Alison Brooks 

Alison Brooks played Deb Clarkson.

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  • Hannah Gordon is a Canadian actress who played Bianca Bell in the movie.
  • Susan Hamann is an actress and director who played Bev Russo, wife of Martin Russo.
  • Eldon Hunter as Party Guest