Final Chapters: Yuu Watase Claims She Has 2 More Exciting ‘Arata: The Legend’ Manga Chapters Left to Draft

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Yuu Watase Has 2 More Arata: The Legend Manga Chapters Left to Draft
Yuu Watase Has 2 More Arata: The Legend Manga Chapters Left to Draft (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Manga maestro Yuu Watase recently shared an exciting update on her Twitter feed, revealing that she is nearing the completion of her work on Arata: The Legend manga. With just two chapters left to draft, fans are eagerly anticipating the long-awaited conclusion of this beloved series.

However, it’s important to note that this announcement doesn’t mark the end of the manga’s publication. As we’ve seen with other famous mangakas, such as Hajime Isayama, who began drafting the final chapter of Attack on Titan way before its actual conclusion, Watase may simply be starting the layout process so she doesn’t have to worry about it later on.

Arata: The Legend began its final arc in March after a six-year hiatus. The manga made a comeback in May 2021, originally in Weekly Shonen Sunday before moving to Shogakukan’s Sunday Webry (Sunday Web Every) website in May 2022. Watase had previously shared in December 2020 that she had laid the foundation for the remaining plot, adding to the anticipation for the manga’s grand finale. 

Picture yourself in a world where the past and present collide, where magical powers and incredible warriors dominate the scene. Arata: The Legend takes you to a visually pleasing universe filled with epic battles, scenic landscapes, and a cast of compelling characters that will leave you wanting more and more. 

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Arata: The Legend- Details

Arata: The Legend, created by Yuu Watase, made its debut in 2008 on the pages of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine. The series has 24 volumes, and a Remaster edition was introduced in July 2013, currently consisting of 17 volumes as of 2023.

Poster for Arata: The Legend
Poster for Arata: The Legend (Credits: Watase’s Website)

Viz Media holds the license for the English release of the manga in North America. To add more, a 12-episode anime adaptation, produced by Satelight and Korean studio JM Animation, was also released and aired on TV Tokyo from April to July 2013. 

The Plot of the Series

Every three decades, a princess from the respected Hime family is chosen to serve the Hayagami. However, an unexpected twist comes into play when records reveal the absence of any female births, except for one unlikely candidate, Arata, who is actually a 15-year-old boy.

Forced to assume the role of the princess, Arata finds himself stuck in a deadly web of deceit and betrayal. When he witnesses the shocking murder of the current princess, Kokuri-hime, Arata’s life becomes a dangerous dance on the edge, as he is relentlessly pursued by the 12 Shinshou, the personal guard of the princess.

A Still from the 2013 Arata: The Legend Anime
A Still from the 2013 Arata: The Legend Anime (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Framed for the murder, Arata must escape before he’s captured for a crime he didn’t commit, all while clearing his name in a ruthless Imperial Court where everyone wants him dead. 

If you’re searching for a story that combines shounen, adventure, and a dash of romance, then Arata Kangatari is a perfect match for you. This manga has an intriguing concept where two boys, both named Arata but with different surnames and personalities, accidentally switch worlds. The premise already lays down high expectations and the manga delivers for the most part. 

Arata Kangatari shows how an adventure can be fast-paced and also have slower moments, with the introduction of new characters that constantly keep readers guessing: friend or foe? Will their loyalties remain strong till the end? While the plot may sometimes become predictable (overcoming the next enemy, for example), it remains an enjoyable journey. 

You’ll be eager to discover how each character tackles the next obstacle. Readers are highly excited to witness the end of the series and finally gain closure after the long hiatus. 

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