Pasalapoodi Veerababu Review: The Lack of Depth

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A rural action drama called Viruman aka Pasalapoodi Veerababu, starring actor Karthi, was just just premiered in theatres. The movie had a respectable box office performance in Tamilnadu. However, the actor’s Telugu fans were dissatisfied because there was no Telugu release.

The most recent information is that Pasalapoodi Veerababu, the Telugu version of the movie, is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The actor’s voice is also included in the OTT Telugu version, which is wonderful news for the fans. Aditi Shankar, daughter of filmmaker Shankar, also made her acting debut in the movie. On the same portal, the Tamil version is also streaming. 

The movie was written and directed by M. Muthaiah and is produced by Jyothika and Suriya under the banner of 2D Entertainment; hit theatres on August 12, 2022. The movie received positive reviews from reviewers and viewers alike, and its box office performance was reported.

The film’s soundtrack was composed by legendary musician Yuvan Shankar Raja, and Selvakumar SK handled the photography. Suriya revealed Viruman’s first appearance. Experts claim that Viruman (Pasalapoodi Veerababu) is actor Karthi’s most well-known commercial release to date, and according to sources, the film made almost 53 crores at the box office. 

Cast and Characters in Pasalapoodi Veerababu

  • Viruman (Veerababu) played by Karthi

Karthi, an Indian actor who primarily performs in Tamil films, is the stage name of Karthik Sivakumar, who was born on the 25th of May in 1977. He has also received an Edison Award, a SIIMA Award, a Tamil Nadu State Film Award, and three Filmfare Awards South.

Karthi is a pioneer in producing movies that value innovation. The method of story selection is what has given him a devoted following in both Tamil and Telugu. Many of the Tamil movies in which he appeared, such as Awara and Khaidi, were dubbed into Telugu and found financial success. 

Viruman’s Love interest Thaenu played by Aditi Shankar
  • Aditi Shankar portrays Thaenmozhi (Thaenu)

Aditi Shankar is an Indian actress and singer who primarily appears in Tamil films. She was born on July 6, 1997. Aditi, the second child of director S. Shankar, made her acting debut alongside Karthi in the Tamil film Viruman (2022) by director M. Muthaiah. She also made a playback singing debut through the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ song in the movie Ghani, featuring Varun Tej.

  • Raj Kiran performs the role of Niraipandiyan Thevar, Viruman’s uncle and Muthulakshmi’s brother

Rajkiran is an Indian actor, producer, and director who has appeared in more than 30 Tamil movies. He was born into a Muslim household on March 16, 1949 in Keelakarai with the name J. Mohideen Abdul Khadar.

  • Muniyandi, as Viruman’s Father, is portrayed by Prakash Raj

An Indian actor, politician, film director, producer, and television host, Prakash Raj was born on March 26, 1965. He has won several awards and is well-known for his work in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and Malayalam-language films.


After discovering the truth about his mother’s suicide, Veerababu (Viruman) decides to leave his home. His relationship with his father alters as he realizes that his father, Boopathy (Muniyandi), is the cause of this, and the two are now at war with one another in many areas. Veerababu is a son with excellent aspirations and a kind heart. He vows to save his brothers and make his haughty father pay for his transgressions after realizing the tough circumstances and the sad reality.

Viruman’s Father, played by Prakash Raj

Pasalapoodi Veerababu Evaluation

First, let’s speak about the movie’s overall rating: it was passable and undoubtedly entertaining, but the plot lacked any outstanding elements. When Virman’s mother passes away, Virman immediately holds his father accountable. He makes the decision to grow up apart from his father as a result. Years later, he decides to carry out his mother’s final wishes; whether he succeeds or fails is what the remainder of the novel is about.

The plot becomes evident almost right away; during the first ten minutes, it is obvious that this will be a drama about the bond between a father and son. Other themes, such as a love song and Viruman’s connection to the other characters, are interspersed within all of this. But the father-son rivalry between the Brewings is the main subject of the book.

Viruman/Veerababu portrayed by Karthi

Used Concept

When discussing father-son chilly relationship tragedies, films like Maharashi Thiru Chitram spring to mind, which has a similar concept to Viruman (Pasalapoodi Veerababu). Viraman is a narrative that has been told before. The only distinction is that Thiru is situated in a city, whereas Viruman is based in a rural.

Not that Pasalapoodi Veerababu tells the same tale is the issue. Since practically every conceivable trope has been used before, it is extremely hard to write an original narrative. The atmosphere is the true problem since it is not creative. The film seemed to be quite content with showing us the same moments from decades ago. For instance, the scene when the hero is introduced is identical to what we already have seen.

Muniyandi being angry towards his son

Lacks Development

Repeated battle scenes and generic songs may be found throughout the movie, albeit it should be noted that the songs did not appear in an arbitrary order and did not significantly advance the plot. Usually, Yuvan Shankar Rajaho’s background music is excellent. Put an end to the proceedings. Although it isn’t horrible, it also can’t be considered good. The scenarios are just as convenient as the movie; whenever a character is in danger, Viruman is always there to save the day.

The lack of well-developed characters in Viruman is yet another fundamental flaw. Let’s use the main character as an example. Although he doesn’t have a legitimate job, he always has lakhs of dollars available for anyone who wants them. Fans were anticipating an explanation till the very end, but they never received one. However, this does not imply that his personality is unlikable. In actuality, Karthi’s innate charisma is what keeps the movie entertaining.

Karthi playing the main role

Poor Script Writing used in Pasalapoodi Veerababu 

The majority of the laughs in the movie come from the actor who portrays Karthi’s closest buddy, and he does a terrific job with it. Karthi’s adorable acting as a Vermonter makes the movie fascinating. The character would have benefited significantly from knowing more about his past and family, but to his credit, he still manages to produce some of the chuckles. Although Aditi Shankar, who portrays Karthi’s love interest, gives a strong performance in her debut, the script is weak for her character.

There was this one character who stood out: Rajkiran’s easy portrayal of Virban’s Uncle. His parts with Karthi are quite sweet, and the whistle-worthy sequence at the end is also very good. The character that causes the greatest frustration may be Prakash Raj’s portrayal of Viruman’s Father.

This does not imply that his acting was poor; on the contrary, he excelled in the part. The writing is the issue; they attempted to make the character as wicked as possible, but it came across as a highly unrealistic strategy. I acknowledge that there are bad individuals in the world, but this was simply too much, and on top of that, his character’s payout in the finale scenes did not feel right to me.

Wrestle ring used in the movie

When examining the technical elements, Selvakumar SK’s cinematography stood out. When it was necessary, the frames were colorfully vibrant; other times, they were monochromatic. The framing of a few of the scenes gave the writing, which was generally Bland, some flavor.

The movie might have benefited from some precise editing, which may have been done better by Venkat Rajin. The movie’s production qualities are respectable, and the clothes don’t generally appear overdone. Viruman is a convenient father-son story with a screenplay that doesn’t bring anything fresh to the table. However, you may watch it if you’re looking for some straightforward enjoyment. It is available for watching on Amazon Prime Video.

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