Kawagoe Boys Sing Anime’s 2nd Video Reveals More Cast, October 9 Release Date

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Kawagoe Boys Sing
Kawagoe Boys Sing Anime Debuts October 9 (Credits: Crunchyroll)

The team behind the original anime, Kawagoe Boys Sing, has just revealed an exciting second promotional video and a key visual. This release introduces additional cast members and sets the stage for the anime’s highly anticipated premiere on October 9th at 11:00 p.m. (10:00 EDT), airing on Tokyo MX and BS11. 

Fans had the chance to meet the talented cast of Kawagoe Boys Sing at AnimeJapan 2023 on March 26, where an exciting stage event featured a live performance of the anime’s music. For the lucky attendees, the NBC Universal Entertainment booth distributed limited-edition cards on March 25 and 26.

Kawagoe Boys Sing is one of the many original anime in the making this year. Several other original series are in the works, from Girls Band Cry to Lazarus, and anime enthusiasts are in for a feast. Unlike adaptations from manga, light novels, or video games, an original anime is born from the imaginative minds of creators and studios. 

This creative freedom makes way for the introduction of unique concepts, innovative characters, and intricate narratives that are not bound by pre-existing source material. Despite the risks of producing a show without an established fan base, the rewards for creating a successful original anime can be insane.   

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Kawagoe Boys Sing: Staff, Cast, Plot 

The anime is directed by Jun Matsumoto, produced by NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, and animated by evg in cooperation with Telecom Animation Film. The scripts are written by the ‘Kawagoe School Literary Club,’ while Yuki Kanesaka, Shin Rizumu, and Junko Yokoyama compose the music. 

Original character designs are created by Ebimo, while Haru Watanabe adapts the designs for animation. Hiromi Kikuta directs the sound at dugout. The opening theme song is performed by Kaco.  

The Cast 

The newly announced cast includes Hayato Dojima as Michiru Morimura, Mika Doi as Arisa Hibki, the Kawagoe School principal, Aya Suzaki as Rika Iijima, another boys choir adviser, and Tatsumaru Tachibana as Zen Koarashi. 

The previously announced cast includes Kazuyuki Okitsu voicing Haruo Hibiki, Shotaro Uzawa voicing Tenshi Dei (Danbocchi), Reiō Tsuchida voicing Hiroshi Yazawa (Ei-chan), Yūki Obara voicing Shuji Shiratori (Tori-chan), and Nao Nakanishi voicing Kaito Kobashi (IT). 

Kawagoe Boys Sing
The Characters of Kawagoe Boys Sing (Credits: Anime News Network)

Makoto Kaneko voices Shizuo Barato (Otome), Subaru Kimura voices Jin Adachi, Yoji Ikuta voices Kō Hyūga, Yuri Ise voices Shin Hyūga, Shouta Hayama voices Tomo Hakase (Hakase) and finally, Kazumasa Fukagawa voices Curtis Suzuki (Magic).

The Plot 

“Sing in front of people, for me…” said Dei Tenshi, a former member of the choir, who wants to overcome his fear of performing in front of others. But instead, he has secluded himself within his “Danbocchi” at home, singing quietly and alone.

Kawagoe Boys Sing
Visual released for Kawagoe Boys Sing Original Anime (Credits: Anime News Network)

One day, Haruo Hibiki, a former orchestra conductor with a problematic past, disturbs Tenshi’s normal routine, leading to chaos. Haruo is given a chance to return to the orchestra if he can lead a new choir club to win the prestigious “national boys choir competition” with students from Kawagoe School, including Tenshi. 

Haruo has intense mood swings; he’s childish, can’t understand people, and says things without thinking. Slowly but surely, the boys are pulled in by his coaching skills and drawn into the world of the choir.

With a touch of comedy, this story follows the journey of the Kawagoe School boys choir club as they wish to become the number one choir in the competition, filled with soulful songs and youthful energy.  

The anticipation surrounding Kawagoe Boys Sing is high, as fans wait for any news regarding the work; from teasers to trailers, to promotional videos. The anime community gets hungry for any peak into the world that the creators have carefully created. 

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