Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Talk About Their Workaround for Alcohol

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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper
Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper

 Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen have co-hosted New Year’s Eve from Times Square in New York City for six consecutive years. This year, however, was a little different. For the first time in six years, the duo broadcaster had no on-camera drinking during their program. The adjustment came because of Cohen’s drunk comments regarding Journey and Ryan Seacrest on last year’s show, which he maintains were ripped out of control.

The owner of Radio Andy, who had previously been having a drink with Cooper live during their New Year’s Eve broadcast, noticed that Journey, the rock American Band was playing Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve sans their previous leader Steve Perry. He referred to the show’s guests as “losers” and claimed that everyone not watching ABC that night had missed nothing.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Drinking Pickle Juice
Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Drinking Pickle Juice; Credits: CNN

As you can see the duo can get scandalous when drunk, as a result, Cohen and Cooper were not permitted to consume alcohol until after midnight when Brian Cox (the famous physicist) sent a bottle of champagne to the pair. Instead of booze, they were served mystery shots of apple cider vinegar, buttermilk, plus pickle juice at the beginning of every hour. Cohen exclaimed that I needed tequila after evidently not liking the shot of apple cider vinegar and somehow still wobbling from the buttermilk.

Several of the show’s guests, including John Stamos, Kevin Hart, and Amy Sedaris, took note of the dry, sober evening. Sedaris questioned the hosts earlier in the four-hour program what they’d been on if they were not consuming alcohol during the show, then continued to reel off ridiculous-sounding drug names like Scorpion Seed, Thunder Clap, Reindeer Dust, and Apple Jack Diablo Powder.

Cooper enquired of Sedaris if all of these were hot substances.  It’s hot stuff, she said, before adding questions like ‘Did you snort it? Did you eat it? Should I dilute it with water and take it? Did you smear it everywhere on each other’s privates?’

Stamos was up next, appearing by video from his house in a tux with his wife and their son. When Cohen asked Stamos about hosting Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with Heather Locklear in 1988, he said he didn’t remember much because they were drinking, unlike these guys. 

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper and Kevin Hart; Credits: People
Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper and Kevin Hart; Credits: People

Later in the evening, Cohen and Cooper handed over the reins to Hart, who was streaming live from Las Vegas, where he was slated to perform his stand-up special Reality Check: New Year’s Eve Experience. Hart stated right away that he was displeased that the men were not intoxicated for their performance this year.

“I’m going to do what you cannot,” the comic said to the hosts. Kevin decided to take a shot in place of the duo to pay respects, as they had been robbed of the opportunity. I’m not sure I believe you. I can’t believe CNN told you, guys, not to go out and have fun in such a genuine way. That’s fantastic television.”

 Hart said he couldn’t believe they did this stuff to these guys. Parts of Hart’s honest expression were censored. He continued by igniting more passion that it’s correct, CNN, he just said shit on the channel. He even said it was horseshit. He was enraged. He was irritated that CNN’s heads got these two guys clean here today. Then he showed the channel and the fair what they were supposed to be doing and took a shot himself. 

He concluded on a more serious and upbeat note, stating that great television is created by great individuals being themselves. According to Hart, You can’t take away the vices or the things that make them who they are.  The guys are exactly who they are. The pair shone on this stage because CNN used to let them be themselves. Don’t go that route. You toast to it, you amplify it, and you celebrate it. That is what good television is. That is why good television works. Despite everything, the duo never fails to keep us entertained on their new years eve special. 

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