Jeremiah Green, Co-founder of Modest Mouse Passed Away

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Jeremiah Green; Credits: YouTube
Jeremiah Green; Credits: YouTube

Jeremiah Green was the co-founder and drummer for the metal band Modest Mouse. He died at the age of 45, this Saturday night following a cancer struggle, according to the band. Green was confirmed to have stage four cancer just a few days prior: Jeremiah was diagnosed with terminal cancer a relatively short time ago, and he’s now in treatment, Modest Mouse said.

It appears to be going well and making a difference. Jeremiah believes in the effectiveness of optimism, so if you could send good vibes in the favor of Jeremiah and his family, that would be fantastic. But alas Green is not between us anymore. 

The band wrote on its official Facebook page soon before midnight on New Year’s Eve: I’m not sure how to begin: Today we lost our beloved buddy Jeremiah. He lay down and faded away. They would like to say something nice at the moment, but it’s just not the right time. It will come later on and from various people. We should be grateful for all the love we give, receive, have given, and will give. Jeremiah was, above all, about love. We adore him.

Modest House Drummer Green
Modest House with Drummer Jeremiah Green; Credits: KLBJ

Green co-founded Modest Mouse in 1992 in Washington with singer and lead guitarist Isaac Brock and bassist Eric Judy, who left the band in 2012. The drummer briefly quit Modest Mouse in 2003, but later returned and has been recording and performing with the band ever since.

He has previously performed with the band’s Vells, Satisfact, Red Stars Theory, and Peeved in addition to Modest Mouse. He was regarded as a renowned drummer in indie rock music and was ranked 37th on Stylus Magazine’s list of the top 50 best rock drummers.

Brock, Tom Peloso, Russell Higbee, Ben Massarella, and Simon O’Connor are the current members of Modest Mouse. Beginning with 1996’s “This Is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About,” the band has released seven studio albums, including the singles Float On, Ocean Breathes Salty, Dashboard, and Lampshades on Fire. The Golden Casket, their most recent album, was released on June 25, 2021. 

Modest Mouse’s debut album, ‘This Is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About,’ was released by Up Records in 1996. The indie rock band’s third album, ‘The Moon & Antarctica,’ placed them on the major record label Epic, where they would eventually break into the mainstream with 2004’s ‘Good News for People Who Love Bad News,’ spawning the songs “Float On” and “Ocean Breathes Salty.”

Jeremiah Playing Golf
Jeremiah Playing Golf; Credits: NME

At this time, Green took a brief break, making this the sole Modest Mouse record in which he did not participate. He rejoined the band in the autumn of 2004. The band’s lineup frequently changed over the years, but Green and Brock stayed constants.

Modest Mouse has published seven albums since its inception, the most recent of which was “The Golden Casket,” which was released in 2021. According to their website, the band will begin traveling in March.

“He passed away gently in his sleep,” Namatame stated on Saturday. She went on to state that her son was a light to so many and that more details about a memorial service for friends and family will be released soon. Green lived an amazing life, and his legacy will go on. Generations to come will be inspired by him, and he is always going to stay in our hearts.

Jeremiah Green was born on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu in the United States. His mother’s name is Carol Namatame, but his father’s name is unknown. His father was an alcoholic who frequently abused him. He later apologized and made amends with his son.

Green was raised alongside his brother Adam Green. Lauren Green, Jeremiah Green’s wife, survives him. She ran the Thuja store in downtown Port Townsend. Wilder Green is his son. He is 7 years old now. Jeremiah Green’s net worth was projected to be $35 million as of November 2022.

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