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Little Movie:And All You Need To Know

Little is an upcoming American comedy movie. It has been co-written and directed by Tina Golden. Martin is acting as an executive producer on the movie. Martin is the youngest person to hold the title on a Hollywood production.

The movie follows Jordan Sanders, who is given a chance to relive the life of her younger self. The opportunity came to her when she was dealing with all the pressure of her adult life. Jordan receives help from her assist April to find a way to turn back to normal.

Moving on to the cast of the movie. Here is the cast of the film in full:

Regina Hall as Jordan Sanders, a ruthless tech mogul
Marsai Martin as young Jordan Sanders
Issa Rae as April, Jordan’s assistant
Justin Hartley as Mr. Marshall
Tone Bell as Preston
Rachel Dratch

Marsai Martin who is a part of the show Black-ish came to Kenya Barris, who created the show. Martin told Kenya about the idea of the film. Martin is an executive producer on the movie. Issa Rae joined the cast on May 2, 2018. Regina Hall was already a part of the movie as an executive producer. She joined the cast later that month.

Little Movie

The film is slated to be released on April 12, 2019. It was after initially scheduled to be released on September 20, 2019. I am sure no one is complaining about the early release of the movie. It will be interesting to see how the finished product will be. The audience and critics will be ready to watch the movie and slander it. It is okay to criticize but, it shouldn’t stop other people from watching it.