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National Treasure 3 Plot, and Cast Details

National Treasure 3 update
National Treasure 3

The action-adventure movie series, National Treasure, is back with Part Three, this time with a brand new writer Chris Bremner. National Treasure has always been one of Producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s well-loved franchises, and part three of the same is announced to be released, which will look to fulfill the puzzle piece of its own resurrection together. The film is presently under Walt Disney Production House.

The first part of the film was “National Treasure,” which was a solid hit earning more than $300 million dollars. The second part of the film, “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” earned a whopping $457 million. The prospects of the third edition were discussed at the Annual Shareholder’s meeting in 2016 and 2019. The third edition will surely be a product of Producer Jerry’s classic formula of building suspense and increasing expectations.

What is National Treasure 3 Plot?

Part One of the film centered around the prospects of the treasure map, which was found on the back of the Declaration of Independence document. The second part focused on the missing pages in John Wilkes Booth’s diary.

The upcoming edition of the film will be packed with adventure, action, and thriller. Code Breaker Ben Gates must locate a well-known treasure war chest that was buried by none other than the Founding Fathers of the States during the revolutionary war for Independence. However, the challenge is not at all easy as Ben must locate the treasure before his competitor does and also make sure that he does not get arrested by the FBI.

The new edition of the movie is all set to comprise epic action scenes, great chemistry among actors, and awesome storytelling, all made to be a worthy film to be watched multiple times.

Who is National Treasure 3 Cast?

The new edition of National Treasure may star Nicolas Cage as it’s the main cast. Other co-actors may include Justin Bartha and Harvey Keiter.

When is National Treasure 3 update?

National Treasure 3 is expected to be released in Fall 2020 to Early 2021. The new edition of National Treasure may enjoy a theatrical release, or it may stream as Disney+ exclusive.