Who Is Duncan Scott’s Girlfriend? All That You Should Know

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Duncan Scott girlfriend

Duncan Scott has proved his potential once more. As we all know, it is the time of the Commonwealth games. Athletes around the world gather and compete against each other to make their country proud. Duncan Scott has won the 200m individual medley. Everybody is aware of the sweet rivalry between Duncan Scott and Tom Dean. And it is that rivalry between the two that made the match most interesting. It was the very last day swimming at the Sandwell Aquatics Centre.

And Duncan Scott and Tom dean made it iconic. The swimmer managed to win his second gold medal. Additionally, Duncan has won a total of 5 medals in the game. The swimmer is enjoying his success, and the fans are eager to know everything about him. Well, the audience is interested in the professional and personal life of this star. Today, we are going to disclose Duncan Scott’s girlfriend name to his fans. Although he is a Scottish swimmer, he represents Great Britain in the games. 

Duncan Scott’s Girlfriend

Duncan Scott is a famous swimmer who has won many medals in his career. Another gold medal that he has recently won is proof of his success. Definitely, Duncan Scott’s girlfriend is the lucky girl. It is fair to say that he is in the best form. Over the past months, he has won two individual Olympic silver medals and now six medals at the Commonwealth games.

Duncan Scott girlfriend

Duncan is ready to climb the stairs of success, and in no time, he will be on top. He is just 25 and has become Scotland’s most decorated Commonwealth athlete ever. Although the swimmer chooses to stay quiet about his love life, nobody can get away from the media’s prying eyes. There are strong speculations about Duncan Scott’s girlfriend. Just like all his fans, we want to know about his lady-love.

Is Duncan Scott Dating Anyone?

Prior to his thanking speech, everybody speculated that he would mention his girlfriend. Nevertheless, the swimmer went on to mention his mentor Steve Tigg in the thankyou discourse. Thus, we think that Duncan Scott is currently single and is focussing on his career. In addition, there were strong speculations about Duncan Scott’s girlfriend in 2018.

In that year, he became the flag-bearer for the closing ceremonies of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Nevertheless, the sequence never made it to screens and broke Duncan fans’ hearts. It is speculated that at that time, Duncan was dating his fellow Commonwealth gold medalist Emily Seebohm. She shared her views on the situation and said that she was also confused. 

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Who Is Emily Seebohm?

Just like Duncan, Emily is an Athlete. She is an Australian swimmer. The talented individual appeared in four Olympic games between 2008 and 2021. She went on to win three Olympic gold medals, five world championship gold medals, and seven Commonwealth Games gold medals. She made it to the limelight when she was rumored to be Duncan Scott’s girlfriend. However, the swimmer is dating someone else nowadays. Her new boyfriend is not popular like her and first appeared on Emily’s Instagram account. 

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