How to Unlock Blue Baby in The Binding of Isaac?

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Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl, two independent game creators, created The Binding of Isaac. Isaac, frightened for his life, retreats into his home’s monster-filled basement, where he must struggle to survive when Isaac’s mother receives a message from God demanding her son’s life as a sign of her faith.

Players take control of Isaac or one of seven other available characters as they explore a randomly generated dungeon in the style of The Legend of Zelda. They engage in real-time battles with enemies while gathering treasures and power-ups to finally defeat bosses and Isaac’s mother.

The game was created by McMillen and Himsl during a week-long game jam to create a roguelike inspired by The Legend of Zelda that allowed McMillen to express his thoughts on both the good and bad aspects of religion that he had learned from conflicts between his Catholic and born-again Christian family members while growing up. In order to develop a 3DS version, they began working with Nintendo in 2012. However, Nintendo later pulled out of the agreement due to controversies surrounding the game’s religious undertones.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s creator Nicalis collaborated with McMillen in 2014 to finish a remake of the game, adding further elements that McMillen had intended but couldn’t implement in Flash as well as enhancing the game’s aesthetics and enabling online play.

Plot of the Game

The Binding of Isaac’s plot is loosely based on the biblical tale of the same name. Isaac, a young boy, and his mother live in a modest home on a hill. Isaac enjoys drawing and playing with his toys, while his mother enjoys watching Christian television programs. Then, Isaac’s mother hears “a voice from above,” which she takes to be the voice of God, telling her that her son is tainted with sin and has to be redeemed. His mother agrees and takes away his clothing, toys, and his drawings.

Isaac needs to be isolated from everything that is terrible in the world, the voice says to Isaac’s mother once more. His mother once more nods in agreement and locks Isaac in his room. The voice addresses Isaac’s mother once more. She moves to Isaac’s room after nodding and gets a butcher’s knife from the kitchen. Isaac later hangs the piece of paper he was sketching on his wall to serve as the title screen.

Up to The Binding of Isaac: Repentance extension in the remake, the story’s remainder lacks a definite ending or even a coherent plot. The latter three hint that Isaac enters a toy chest and suffocates. While the first 10 serve as introductions to newly unlocked features and goods. Isaac may be seen sobbing while curled up in a ball during the game’s loading screens.

About Blue Baby and How to unlock

The boss of The Chest, which can be unlocked after defeating Isaac in the Cathedral with the Polaroid, is The Blue Baby (???). (which is dropped by Mom after beating the Cathedral 5 times). He is Isaac’s descendant after his death.

??? The character known as The Blue Baby may be unlocked in The Binding of Isaac. He can only be released by beating the game ten times, and in the closing cinematic, Isaac discovers him imprisoned in a chest.

??? is unusual in that his health cannot be increased using Heart Containers and is made completely of Soul Hearts. As a result, the only source of regenerating health that is available to??? is Soul Hearts. Standard hearts, on the other hand, cannot be picked up and stay on the ground until the player reaches full health. While playing as???, items in the Devil Room will always cost three Soul Hearts.


Having fun with??? is difficult, yet he has advantages that outweigh this limitation. His major trick makes use of objects or spaces that have a health component.

Is it possible to unlock???’s possessions and accomplishments without actually playing him? You will respawn as??? If you defeat the boss in The Chest as a different character, but then die (let the chest spawn, and then die) while holding the Ankh item. The level must be finished to be considered beatable as??? While still allowing you to access the character-specific item, awarding you his Chest achievement.

They will resurrect as??? If you are a different character and you die when they are wearing the Ankh. In addition, if you defeat The Chest with just soul hearts and no “red hearts” (say, through making agreements with demons), the game will assume that you and your opponent are both. How do you unlock the character you selected? ‘s prize and the prize for the chosen character?

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