How to Unlock Boris Ursus in Warhammer 3?

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A spin strategy and legit tactics video game called Total War: Warhammer III was created by Creative Assembly and released by Sega. Following Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II from 2016 and 2017, it is the third game in the Total War series to be set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy alternate reality. The game was launched on February 17, 2022, after being announced on February 3, 2021.

Similar to other games in the Total War series, Total War: Warhammer III includes turn-based strategy and real-time tactical action.

Players maneuver armies around the battlefield and control villages in the campaign using a turn-based system. Players negotiate with AI-controlled groups and confront them in combat. Armies engage in real-time combat when they collide.

The game will also feature online multiplayer fights and a custom battles option where users may design their own real-time battles. Owners of the previous two games will be able to access the same races in the third game’s multiplayer mode, along with a merged global map called “Immortal Empires” that is comparable to the “Mortal Empires” campaign in Total War: Warhammer II.

On August 23rd, 2022, patch 2.0 was made available for Immortal Empires. The human civilizations of Grand Cathay (based on Imperial China) and Kislev (based on Medieval Russia) are the announced races for the game.


Different Factions

And five Chaos factions: the Daemons of Chaos, led by a Daemon Prince who may be customized by gaining “Daemonic Glory” during the course of the campaign; the Ogre Kingdoms; and four factions dedicated to each of the Chaos Gods (Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh) (those who pre-purchased the game before release, or purchased within the first week after release).

The Realm of Chaos, the purported source of all magic in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, is where the main campaign takes place. According to game director Ian Roxburgh, the campaign map will be “twice the scale” of the Eye of the Vortex campaign map from Total War: Warhammer II.

Plot of Total War: Warhammer 3

Ursun, the Bear-God, would shatter winter with his roar at the conclusion of winter in the Kislevian regions and usher in summer. The Howling Citadel, which is situated in the Chaos Wastes, is where Ursun says he has been held captive.

To release his god, Yuri sets out for the Chaos Wastes with his brother and his army, but as he approaches Ursun’s captivity, Chaos steadily corrupts Yuri. When Yuri and his army arrive at the Howling Citadel, they battle a Boyar who has become corrupted by chaos and his guardians, and then Yuri opens a portal leading to the Realm of Chaos.

After leaving the portal, Yuri discovers the imprisoned Ursun and is welcomed by Be’lakor, the first of the Daemon Princes (voiced by Richard Armitage). Be’lakor explains that it was he who led Yuri by sounding just like Ursun. Ursun begs Yuri to let him free, but Be’lakor tricks Yuri into believing that Ursun is feeble and unworthy of his adoration, urging him to slay the deity and seize his authority for himself. Ursun roars in agony as Yuri abandons him and fires a bullet infused with Chaos into the Bear-heart. God’s Yuri is sent flying back to the material plane as a result of the reaction, severely injured.

Boris Ursus

Do you want to know more about Tzar Boris Bokha, also known as Boris Ursus from Total War: Warhammer 3? He is the hidden tenth legendary ruler and is also referred to as Boris Ursus in the highly anticipated fantasy strategy game from Creative Assembly. Who is he, though? How do you unlock him, then?

One of the few named commanders of the well-liked faction Kislev, Tzar Boris Bokha is a well-known figure from the Warhammer Fantasy board game. The two primary legendary rulers of the Kislev, one of the six launched Warhammer 3 races, have previously been identified as Tzarina Katarin and Supreme Patriarch Kostaltyn. If you are familiar with the Warhammer Fantasy canon, you will know that the voice we hear in the original Warhammer 3 reveal video belongs to Boris, who is really Katarin’s father.

Thought to have disappeared while battling the forces of Chaos, Creative Assembly revealed on Twitter that he had been “freed from hibernation” and would be joining Warhammer III as a new legendary lord. As a result, Kislev is the only faction having three legendary lords at launch as of the time of writing. However, to play Boris’ campaign, you must first unlock him; he is not immediately available.

Players should be able to go on to the “Frozen Falls” quest fight now that the prerequisite preparation has been finished. The Tzeentch soldiers are surrounding Boris as he sleeps on the ice. Time to mobilize and enlist our great Lord.

How to unlock Boris Ursus

Although it is thought that he disappeared while battling the forces of Chaos, Creative Assembly revealed on Twitter before Warhammer III’s release that he had been “freed from hibernation” and would be making an appearance in the game as an antagonist.

The player must defeat three Tzeentch Sorcerers hidden around the fight map in order to win. Fortunately, once they become hostile, they will approach the player. As a result, this objective may be completed defensively by luring enemies into ambushes and killing them one at a time.

When players go closer to one of the Sorcerers, Little Grom artillery is fantastic for taking down enemies. It gets more complicated if you assault certain foes on the map since fresh reinforcements will then show up. Screamers of Tzeentch, Chaos Furies and a Soul Grinder prominently emerge while assaulting the Irridecent Horror to the left of the starting location. Whereas a force of Flamers of Tzeentch appears when attacking the one to the right. In order to avoid calling in both groups of reinforcements at once, be prepared for these ambushes.

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