Anime Adaptation Announced for Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi Manga

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Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi Poster
Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi Poster

Finally, the wait is over! The news that Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi will receive an anime adaptation will excite fans of the acclaimed manga series. The mystery story is going to take on a completely new life. Additionally, viewers will get to see their favorite characters in action. Fans of the manga and newbies will both be thrilled by this adaptation. So, now you know everything there is to know about the anime and the premiere date for Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi.

The author of the narrative, Nujima, is a genius. On October 18, 2019, the manga had its initial appearance on the Yawaraka Spirits website of Shogakukan. It has since been compiled into five tankobon volumes. The teaser trailer has the English introduction in the description and the title “Mysterious Disappearances Teaser Trailer” next to the Japanese name:

Prepare to be both intrigued and frightened at the same time! Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi, a manga series, is being animated. Kadokawa released a teaser trailer on January 12, 2023, revealing a darkly themed story and artwork. The mystery, supernatural, and seinen genres of the anime make it not suitable for those who are easily scared.

The seinen subgenre is renowned for its sophisticated plot and nuanced characters that address weighty subjects. And the same might be predicted for this future anime. There are still more details to come. The actors’ and other employees’ identities are unknown. And the anime’s studio remains a surprise. To mark the official news, Nujima released an illustration on his Twitter account.

The manga’s creator, Nujima, stated with an example that after the series was overlooked by many adults with conscience, an anime adaptation was unexpectedly picked for it. All of it is due to the editor, Mr. K, who has worked hard on it, and to every reader who has been supporting the series. I sincerely appreciate it. He hoped that the work will broadcast and touch someone’s heart as the manga did.

Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi; Credits: Anime News

Sumireko Ogawa, the character in the center of the image, tells two other characters that the announcement is good news. Her brother Ren on the left and Oto Adashino on the right both make comments about how the world is beyond rescue in the adaption. The words Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi TV Anime Adaptation are penned on a sheet of white paper that the three of them are holding in their hands. I hope you check it out, the author writes in the upper left corner. 

Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi Plot

At the central station in the thriving city of Tokyo, a fresh mystery is developing. To learn the truth about the urban tales, aspiring author Ogawa Sumireko teams up with Ren, a young child with a demonic visage and thread-like eyes.

Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi Key Visual
Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi Key Visual

However, this isn’t your typical legend. It’s the final unsolved enigma from the Heisei era. The combination of magical knowledge and physical might is crucial to the plot. Ren, however, has a hidden goal. He wants to trade paranormal objects that prompt these urban legends to keep their word. They set off on a trip to unravel the city’s many secrets together.

What will they encounter as they proceed through this bizarre story, though? Are they going to be able to figure out the puzzles and return home? Or will they perish eternally in the myths? There will only be Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi Anime!

Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi Release Date

On Thursday, the creators very recently announced the news. There will be more Kaii To Otome To Kamikakushi Anime teases to come.  Follow along as Ogawa Sumireko and Ren Adashino, our dynamic duo, search for the truth that is stranger than fiction!

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