‘Passion of the Christ: Resurrection’ To Start Shooting in Mid-2023

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Passion of the Christ: Resurrection

A recent rumor claims that the sequel will begin filming in the middle of 2023 or late Spring, some twenty years after Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ broke nearly every box office record. Jim Caviezel, who originally performed the role of Jesus Christ, will also return. He was outstanding in the first film.

The first film was such a great hit that it demonstrated there was a market for such faith-based entertainment among Christians all around the world. The upcoming film is reportedly titled “Passion of the Christ: Resurrection” by Mel Gibson.

The last time we heard anything about this film, which would undoubtedly depict a portion or all of Christ’s 40 days on Earth following his resurrection, was from star Caviezel, it was almost three years ago. The script had reached its fifth draught by that point. Caviezel predicted it would be a masterpiece to Fox News in March 2020. It’s going to be the largest movie ever made.

Passion of the christ resurrection
The passion of the Christ Resurrection

If Gibson starts filming in the middle of the year, he might have the picture ready on February 14 of 2024, the first day of Lent. On February 25, 2004, Lent officially began. On that same day, Gibson launched The Passion of the Christ in 3,006 cinemas, grossing an astounding $26.5 million. It had brought in $125 million by Monday.

Gibson’s independently produced masterwork earned $370 million domestically and another $241 million internationally by the time it finished its domestic run. The production of the movie cost $30 million. Hollywood was that out of touch 20 years ago, and it has only gotten worse since then.

The claims of antisemitism were all lies, Nolte said after sharing his own experience of seeing the 2004 debut of the original movie. An authentic portrayal of Christ’s suffering, one that centered on the sequence from Gethsemane to Golgotha, had long since been necessary.

Forever, the world was altered. There has never been a single event more significant in either secular or religious history. And yeah, the horrifying violence was indeed the most important aspect of that tale.

Jim Caviezel rumored to Play Jesus in 'Passion' Sequel
Jim Caviezel rumored to Play Jesus in ‘Passion’ Sequel

People need to comprehend the horrific treatment Christ received from his Roman tormentors. It’s the only way to understand that Christ’s suffering and execution were real events and that no one would voluntarily endure a torturous scourging and a protracted death to defend a lie. It also helps us to appreciate the sacrifice made on our behalf.

The First Passion of the Christ Story and Review

The opening scene of The Passion Of The Christ takes place in the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus is anguishedly praying for the sacrifice He knows He will soon be making. Gibson creates a powerful picture of Christ’s grief and suffering right from the start, showing Jesus lying face-down on the ground in agony and sweating blood as His disciples sleep next to a nearby tree. And that’s essentially the point Gibson is making to his listeners: Christ made a huge sacrifice.

Gibson can bring the Gospels to life in a way we haven’t seen before by taking the time to spend an entire movie to the last hours of the Son of God’s sojourn on Earth in tremendous detail. 

Passion of the Christ: Resurrection
Passion of the Christ Movie Still

Gibson aimed for authenticity and realism, portraying the brutality of the suffering that Jesus underwent in real life. He wanted people to understand what Jesus had to endure. He also wanted us to understand that Jesus went voluntarily despite all the atrocities. Jesus never once resisted being taken somewhere. For the sins we have committed and will continue to commit until the end of time, Jesus offered Himself as a living sacrifice.

In contrast to what we see here, the majority of prior theatrical portrayals of the crucifixion are practically gorgeous. Jesus had been severely battered. No Christian had ever seen Christ’s suffering shown with such accuracy before, even though Jesus was undoubtedly more horribly damaged in real life than He was in The Passion.

Mel Gibson does a good job of staying authentic to the Gospels, yet he still feels free to make up a plausible backstory to advance the plot.

Gibson includes scenes from the Last Supper, Sermon on the Mount, and when He washed the disciples’ feet with various side plots and beautifully-incorporated flashback sequences to episodes in Jesus’s life. These scenes not only provided a respite from the violence of the movie and the violent beatings, but they also helped depict Jesus as we know Him. 

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