Tesla Semi: update, Price, Photos, And Specifications

Elon Musk had a dream in which the current generation of trucks is replaced with Tesla Semi, a fully electric big truck. This truck has been seen much time by people living in the US, most of which is during a road trip. In the month of June, it was spotted a California highway; after that, it was seen parked at a Supercharger in the same state. In August, it was seen visiting some of the biggest companies buyers. Later a beautiful cherry-red model was spotted halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Not only did this truck won the heart of many companies, but it also got the attention of some government buyers.

Many big companies have already reserved this truck. Some of the companies are:-

• PepsiCo has ordered 100
• Restaurant Supplier Sysco have Ordered 50
• Transportation Company J.B. Hunt has reportedly ordered 40.
• UPS has reserved 125
• Walmart has reserved 45

Moreover, when you add up the smaller orders, the company might have around 400+ pre-orders. All this shows us that this truck is something that every big company wants but you might ask what is so good about.? Well, there is much revealed about this amazing truck, but it was reported by tech mogul that it will go from 0 to 60 in five seconds and will come with an autopilot feature that will guard against jackknifing.

Moreover, the driver seat will be placed in the center which is similar to that of a space pod. The most mind-blowing thing about this its range, the driver will be able to drive hundreds of miles before it needs to juice up. This makes deliveries quicker as well as more effective.

Tesla Semi update
Tesla Semi interior

This monster is powered by a thing called has Megachargers. This will charge up this monster of a truck in just half an hour!!. After the announcement, Musk said that pre-orders would be delivered in 2019 but the month of deliverance hasn’t been revealed. And some of the reservation holders reportedly expecting deliveries in 2020. The electric trucks will come in 2 variants one with a 300-mile (480 KM)  range which will start at $150,000. The other with a 500-mile (800 KM) range for $180,000 on top of that a $20,000 base reservation fee for each vehicle.

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