Alex Cooper Announced Her Engagement with Matt Kaplan

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Alex Cooper Announced Her Engagement with Matt Kaplan
Alex Cooper Announced Her Engagement with Matt Kaplan

Ace Entertainment CEO and Hollywood producer Matt Kaplan is reportedly engaged to the popular podcast host of Call Her Daddy, Alex Cooper. The couple has been keeping their relationship low-key, but multiple sources have confirmed that they are set to tie the knot soon.

Kaplan has produced hit movies such as “Before I Fall” and “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” and he is the head of the production company Ace Entertainment. Meanwhile, Cooper has gained a large following with her successful podcast, “Call Her Daddy.”

Where she dishes out sex and relationship advice to her listeners. Recently, Cooper spoke about Kaplan’s dreamy proposal in an interview with W Magazine. Although the details of the proposal were not disclosed, it was clear that the couple is deeply in love.

Fans of both Cooper and Kaplan have been eagerly anticipating news of their engagement, and it seems that their wishes have finally been granted. As of now, no further details about the upcoming nuptials have been announced, but fans are sure to be watching closely for any updates.

Alex Cooper Got a Dreamy Proposal from Matt Kaplan

Matt Kaplan’s romantic proposal to Alex Cooper was nothing short of magical. Cooper shared the details of the unforgettable moment during a recent interview, saying, “When I came home that night, my entire house was covered in candles, lit all over, music playing, and a scavenger hunt leading to Matt proposing.”

The 28-year-old continued, revealing that Kaplan had placed photos and mementoes from their three-year relationship in every room of their shared Studio City, California, mansion. This added an extra special touch to the already incredible proposal.

Matt Kaplan
Matt Kaplan (Credit: Fox News)

Then on March 3rd, a heartwarming scene took place in the home of Cooper and Kaplan. As Cooper descended the stairs, she was met by their two furry friends adorned in charming bow ties. However, the pleasant surprise didn’t end there. Kaplan, in a grand gesture of love, got down on one knee and proposed to Cooper.

Expressing his deep affection for her, Kaplan declared Cooper to be his soulmate and the love of his life. He went on to credit her for making him a better person and then popped the big question, asking for her hand in marriage. As a symbol of his love, he presented her with a magnificent, vintage 1920s oval-cut diamond ring.

Despite the joyous moment, Cooper admits to having little recollection of the proposal. She claims to have “blacked out” during the surreal moment but remembers saying “yes” to her soulmate. Cooper then shared that the last clue in the scavenger hunt was a glass of champagne and a card that read, “Meet me down by the Buddha.”

It was there that Kaplan got down on one knee and asked Cooper to be his partner for life. Kaplan, also known as “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man,” clearly put a lot of thought and effort into making the proposal unforgettable. And it seems he succeeded.

Alex Cooper Talks About Marrying Matt Kaplan

Alex Cooper has recently revealed her decision to tie the knot with producer Matt Kaplan. The 29-year-old star, who has been dating Kaplan for several years, expressed her excitement about starting a family with her long-term partner.

When asked about her decision to get married, Alex Cooper commented on the importance of commitment in a relationship. She reflected on the numerous unhealthy and unstable marriages she had witnessed throughout her life, attributing them to a lack of commitment from both partners. However, Cooper noted that her relationship with Kaplan was different.

Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper (Credit: Fox News)

Alex Cooper described him as a responsible and mature individual, qualities that she values greatly in a partner. When Kaplan proposed to her, Cooper said it was an “obvious yes” due to the strong foundation they had built together.

The couple is now looking forward to creating a small and loving family together. Cooper expressed her excitement about the prospect of starting a new chapter in her life, saying that she is ready for the journey ahead.

Fans of the power couple have been quick to offer their congratulations and well wishes. With their shared values and strong bond, it seems that Cooper and Kaplan are set to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life together.

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