Under Ninja – TV Anime Breaks Out News of the List of Main Cast

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Are you ready to enter into the world of adventure, excitement, and imagination? Then look no further than the Animes. It spans from epic battles to heartwarming romances and has a lot in store for everyone, whether you are a curious newcomer or a die-hard fan.

Animes are a form of entertainment that is catching on like wildfire. It is a world of wonder and imagination filled with stories that can take you on epic adventures and transport you to far-off lands and make you giggle until your side pangs. It is not a form of animation that is just for kids but has become a global phenomenon enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are a die-hard aficionado or a newcomer to this fun and vibrant world, one thing is for sure; there is never a drab moment.

Under Ninja is another Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kengo Hanazawa. Since July 2018, it has been serialized in Kodansha Weekly Young Magazine. The core cast for the previously announced Under Ninja has been revealed. Check it out here. How are we all going to be in the series?

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The cast of the Under Ninja series

The cast of Under Ninja series includes Tarusuke Shingaki as Kato, Taito Ban as Kuro Kumogakure, Daiki Yamashita as Shion Hachiya, Atsumi Tanezaki as Suzuki, Tasuku Hatanaka as Miracle Hibi.

The series is being directed by Satoshi Kuwabara, while Keiichiro Oochi is looking after the series composition. The character designs of Under Ninja are under the command of Nobutero Yuuki, while the animation department is headed by Reina Iwasaki and Akio Ujiie. Pony Canyon is responsible for music work.

Apart from these core members, the series has a large crew that includes names like: Natsuma Yamada (Prop Designer), Satoshi Motoyama (Sound Production), Seiji Handa (Mechanical Prop Designer), DAX Production (Sound Work), Masami Saito (Art Director), Wataru Uchida (Editing), Hideyuki Sakai (3DCG Work), Yumi Aburaya (Color Designer), Takeshi Shimura (Photography Director)

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What is ‘Under Ninja’ all about?

The manga has been licensed by Denpa, and the first volume has been narrated as follows:

A new organization was created by Allied Command in Japan after World War II to assist in combating terrorism and violence in the Pacific region. Ninjas are employed by the agency, and their primary objective is to deal with domestic issues.

The project eventually expanded to its present size controlling 20,000 ninjas spread across internal and foreign concerns. Kudo happens to be one of those ninjas. The seventeen-year-old high school dropout is now ready to serve as Tokyo’s next line of defense against a possible influx of foreign killers.

Animes have, over the past years, become a sensation, with viewership ranging from kids to adults to old souls. But what does animes offer that attracts such a large populace? If you are also curious to know, jump in to know.

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Why are anime series ahead of the pack?

There is a stack of reasons why animes are leading the trend, but one thing that makes it stand out is its distinctive art style. Anime’s art style features large eyes, exaggerated facial expressions, and highly stylized character design. The diverse genres that the animes cover range from adventure, action, romance, and comedy. It has something for everyone. 

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Another stand-out feature of animes is that it incorporates cultural references. This storytelling style covers Japanese culture, historical references, and Japanese mythology. Anime characters portray strong characterization that is often well-developed and has a depth that makes them feel like real people. The creators give strong emphasis to emotions, and often characters expressing emotions can be strong and intense.

Watching anime can give you a whole new experience, whether you are a casual watcher or a dedicated fan.

Other Kengo Hanazawa anime series to watch

Apart from the upcoming Under Ninja series, the creator Kengo Hanazawa has made to his name various popular animes that includes names like ‘I Am a Hero’. Boys on the Run, ‘Ressentiment’, Tokkaten, Takaga Tasogare, and Seireishi. All these series are worth giving time to, and every one of these has a unique story to narrate.

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