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House Rules Australia 2019: Meet The Teams Competing

House Rules is a feel-good TV show that instantly puts you in a good mood with its whole concept of renovation bonanza. It consists of teams that are renovating each other’s homes. The duo that wins takes home the top prize of $355,000. In 2018 House Rules, NSW country couple Toad and Mandy took home the prize. Toad and Mandy, so far in the interviews that they have given, said that House Rules has made them into celebrities in their town and that everyone knows them. With the money that they have earned, they are now able to provide a better life for their children. As goes for House Rules 2019, two teams have been introduced to us. Keep reading to know about them.

The first one is a sister duo, Mikaela and Eliza. Both the sisters are surfers from Western Australia who have a heartbreaking back story. They are competing in the 2019 House Rules because they want to be able to provide a better life for their mother. Their mother, who was left will almost nothing will have something to look forward to, as she rebuilds her life. In the teaser, judge Jamie Durie seems to be impressed by them as the sisters pick up power tools. You can see another judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen ask them where they have been hiding for all these years. Mikaela and Eliza are renovation newbies and know little to less about the renovation business.

The next in line is Tim and Matt, the brother duo who are chippies. They say that they have zero experience in renovation, but everyone in the teaser seems to be impressed by them. They are being called as “innovators” for their “next-level, amazing” renovation skills. Tim and Matt are fun and goofy at the same time.

So far, these are the two teams that have been introduced to us. House Rules 2019 will air on Channel Seven, and with celebrity designer and gardener Jamie Durie on board for 2019 House Rules, things seem too exciting. Johanna Griggs will join House Rules 2019 as a judge. Another judge is Wendy Moore. Season 7 of House Rules returns this year with an unconfirmed update. More as we have it.