Kan Takahama Working On New Manga After Success With Nyx No Lantern

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Kan Takahma manga nyx no lantern
Kan Takahma manga nyx no lantern

Kan Takahama has started working on her next manga after the huge success of Nyx No Lantern. According to various media reports, on Thursday, manga creator Kan Takahama took to her Ameba blog to reveal her latest project, Shishi to Botan (The Lion and the Moutan Peony). With a vision for around ten volumes, Takahama predicts this journey will take anywhere from 7 to 10 years to complete.

It’s been a labor of love for Takahama, taking several years to craft the characters and settings that will bring this manga to life. But once the foundations were in place, the composition flowed effortlessly. In a moment of inspiration, she was able to sketch out the first half of the story in just one day. If all goes according to plan, Shishi to Botan is set to make its debut in mid-March.

With every stroke of her pen, Takahama brings this tale to life, weaving a story filled with characters that leap off the page and capture the reader’s imagination. Get ready to experience the magic of Shishi to Botan, coming soon. In November 2019, Takahama introduced the world to the stunning visuals of the О̄gishima Saijiki (О̄gishima Seasonal Words List) manga, gracefully gracing the pages of LEED Publishing’s Monthly Comic Ran magazine.

With its stunning illustrations, the manga captivated audiences for three glorious years, finally reaching its climactic conclusion in June 2022. As the third and final installment in Takahama’s magnificent “Nagasaki Trilogy,” it joins the ranks of the equally mesmerizing Nyx no Lantern and Chō no Michiyuki, leaving a lasting impact on the manga world.

Who is Kan Takahma?

Kan Takahama, born in the charming town of Amakusa in Kumamoto Region, Kan Takahama is a talented manga artist whose artistry has captured the hearts of readers worldwide. A visionary who debuted in 2001, Takahama quickly rose to prominence through her captivating short stories published in the alternative magazine Garo. These tales were later collected and re-published in her award-winning Kinder book, showcasing her exceptional storytelling skills.

Kan Takahama
Kan Takahama

Her unique style is characterized by minimalistic character designs and illustrations that seamlessly blend manga with Franco-Belgian comics, capturing the darker sides of everyday life. With her delicate touch and imaginative flair, Takahama creates a visual storybook that is both haunting and mesmerizing. Her worldwide recognition is a testament to her exceptional talent.

Her manga, Nyx no Lantern, was awarded the 24th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award in 2020, cementing her place in the manga world. Kan Takahama is an artist whose creative vision, visual storytelling, and unique style have earned her a place among the greatest manga artists of all time.

Kan Takahama Manga List

  • Monokuro Kinderbook
  • Mariko Parade Awabi 
  • Nagi watari – Oyobi sono hokano tanpen
  • Two Espressos
  • Sad Girl
  • Yotsuya-ku Hanazono-chō
  • Chō no michiyuki
  • Nyx, no Lantern

About Kan Takahama Nyx No Lantern Manga

The Japanese manga series “Nyx no Lantern” shines with its captivating story and stunning illustrations by Kan Takahama. From March 2015 to June 2019, the series was serialized in Leed’s Monthly Comic Ran and later collected into six bound volumes. The brilliance of “Nyx no Lantern” was recognized at the 21st Japan Media Arts Festival in 2018, where it won the Excellence Award.

Its brilliance continued to shine in 2020, as it was awarded the grand prize of the 24th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. The plot of the Nyx No Lantern manga is as follows: “In 1878, a timid young girl named Miyo made her way to Kajiya-cho, Nagasaki. Her life was forever changed when she lost her parents in the Satsuma Rebellion.

Nyx no lantern manga
Nyx no lantern manga

However, her journey continued as she took a job at the bustling tool store “Ban.” This store was known for its import and export of exquisite handicrafts. As she settled into her new surroundings, Miyo’s natural beauty began to bloom. She encountered many different people, including her charming shopkeeper, Koura Momotoshi.

Although Miyo couldn’t help but develop feelings for Momotoshi, she was also aware of his unyielding love for his first love, Judith, from his days living in Paris. Despite this, Miyo’s beauty continued to flourish, drawing the attention of all those around her. Momotoshi, on the other hand, struggled to shake his affection for Judith.

Despite Miyo’s stunning transformation, he was unable to let go of his love for his former flame. It was a delicate situation, one where two people’s hearts were intertwined and torn in different directions. Nevertheless, life in Kajiya-cho continued, and Miyo and Momotoshi’s paths continued to cross.

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