Seijo Ni Uso Wa Tsūjinai Novel To Get A Manga Adaption

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Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai novel
Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai novel

Natsu Hyūga’s beloved novel, “Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai,” is about to come to life on the pages of a manga! The book, which first made its debut in Japan in 2019, quickly won over a massive fanbase and has been translated into multiple languages. Get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of “Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai” with this exciting manga adaptation.

Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine bursts open to reveal a shocking announcement in the monthly issue of the magazine! On Monday. It was revealed that the talented manga artist Yo Asami would be launching a manga adaptation of Natsu Hyūga’s novel “Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai (A Saint Can’t Lie)” in the magazine’s April issue, set to release on March 6th.

Hyūga’s announcement, made on Twitter, has caused a stir among manga fans everywhere, who are eagerly anticipating the upcoming release. Get ready to dive into the world of “You Can’t Lie to a Saint” with the visually stunning manga adaptation. In May 2017, the world of the manga was transformed as Nekokurage introduced a breathtaking adaptation of Square Enix’s novels in the Monthly Big Gangan magazine.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the latest installment of the manga on February 25 as Square Enix publishes its 11th volume. The passion for this manga doesn’t stop there, as Square Enix Manga & Books has licensed it and will soon bring it to an English-speaking audience with the release of the 8th volume on June 6.

Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai novel
Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai novel

But wait, there’s more! In August 2017, Minoji Kurata unleashed a spinoff manga titled Kusuriya no Hitorigoto Mao Mao no Kōkyū Nazotoki Techō (The Apothecary Diaries: The Palace Cloister Mystery-Solving Notebook of Mao Mao) in Shogakukan’s Monthly Sunday GX magazine. Prepare to be captivated as the spinoff manga reaches new heights with its 15th volume published in November 2022.

In June 2017, Asami brought Takaya Kagami’s light novel series, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose—Catastrophe at 16 (Owari no Seraph: Ichinose Guren, 16-sai no Catastrophe), to life in Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine with vivid illustrations. The manga adaptation captivated readers until its final chapter in February 2022. Asami’s talent also shone in her illustrations for Kagami’s follow-up novel, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen (Owari no Seraph: Ichinose Guren, 19-sai no Resurrection).

Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai (A Saint Can’t Lie) Novel Storyline

In the world of theology, where devotion to God reigns supreme, Chloe stands out as a unique figure. As a female priest apprentice with a love for money, she brings a touch of practicality to the otherwise pure and holy environment. With her innate abilities of insight and memory, she has found a way to use them to her advantage by winning at gambling and earning quick cash.

Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai novel
Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai novel

But Chloe’s easy and comfortable life takes a dramatic turn when she is approached by Holy Knight Erald. He is searching for answers about a murder that took place two years prior and enlists Chloe’s help. With her special skills, she is tasked with infiltrating the Great Church under the disguise of a candidate for the Shrine Maiden.

The stage is set for an exciting journey as Chloe and Erald embark on a mission to uncover the truth. As they delve deeper into the mysteries of the church, they are faced with challenges and obstacles that test their abilities and their commitment to the truth. Will they be able to solve the murder and bring justice to the fallen shrine maiden?

Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai novel home page
Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai novel home page

Seijo ni Uso wa Tsūjinai author: “Natsu Hyuga: Best Manga List”

  • The Apothecary Diaries
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Isekai (light novel)
  • Kamisama Gakkou no Ochikobore
  • Rojiura no Seirei Hime (light novel)
  • Meitantei no Jouken (light novel)
  • Fushiou no Musuko (light novel)
  • Isesaki Weapon Dealers (light novel)
  • Tonelico no Ou (Light Novel)

Now it will be interesting to see how this beautiful novel is converted into manga. Natsu Hyuga is the creator of this manga, and those who have read the novel know that if the novel’s execution blends perfectly into the manga, it will be an amazing manga to read.

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