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Jamtara Season 2 Episode Count, and Update Details

Jamtara Season 2
Jamtara Season 2

The Indian crime drama series Jamtara concluded its first season earlier in January of this year, and fans are already discussing the future of the series, and considering the performance of the first season, the possibility of the first season seems extremely high. A lot of new rumors and speculations have surfaced up[, and we have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the show, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Jamtara Season 2.

The show made its debut in January 2020, and it received favorable responses from the audience as well as the critics, and according to many reviews, the character portrayal, the dynamics of the plot, the way the team managed to blend the dark reality of the scammers with a tight lined story was phenomenal. It is one of such series which is both a thriller and educational as the content focused in it is a very dark market which has robbed countless people.

What is the Plot of Jamtara Season 1?

From our childhood, we have been told not to go or trust strangers, but what happens when these strangers call you impersonating someone from a profound institution you’re linked with and ask you for sensitive information to solve certain problems, what do you do at that time? Many of us are already aware of these scammers and we might play their game back at them, but what about those who are gullible enough fall in their trap?

Countless cases have been submitted where innocent people have been robbed off because of this, and Jamtara acts as an eye-opener for the people who haven’t been involved in situations like these. The story of Jamatara focuses particularly on the scammers of Jharkhand’s Jamtara district and their phishing practices.

Jamtara Season 2 Episode Details

Jamtara Season 1 featured a total of 10 episodes. So, going by that pattern, Jamtara Season 2, if renewed, might feature a fresh batch of 10 new episodes.

Jamtara Season 1 Cast

The cast of Jamtara includes Amit Sial as Brajesh Bhaan, Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Biswa Paathak, Aksha Pardasany as Dolly Sahu, Sparsh Shrivastav as Sunny, Monika Panwar as Gudiya, Aasif khan as Anas Ahmad, Harshit Gupta as Baccha, Rohit Kp as Munna, Aatm Prakash Mishra as Bachhu, Anshuman Pushkar as Rocky, Kartavya Kabra as Shabazz, and others.

Jamtara Season 2 update?

Jamtara Season 2 is expected to release sometime in late 2020 or early 2021. The official update is yet to be revealed, however, we will keep you posted as soon as the show gets green light for its season 2.