The Capture Review: It Will Surprise You in More Ways Than You Think

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the capture review
The Capture Review

A 2019 successful British mystery thriller has come back with another season, and this is none other than Ben Chanan’s TV series, The Capture. The star lead of Season one, Holliday Grainger, will again appear on television screens as an intelligent investigator, Rachel Carrey, for another thrill. The Capture premiered for the first season on BBC One on 3 September 2019 and gained an appreciation and positive review from its critics. The announcement for its second season was made in June 2020, and the makers ended this wait with season two finally premiering on 28 August 2022.

The six-episode-long season one concluded on 8 October 2019. And since 28 August 2022, two episodes have aired already. The review for season one was a positive one however, for season two, they are a mixed one. People often compare its seasons, and some like it while some tag it as far-fetched. So, in this article, let’s have some insights into the series and review The Capture as a whole. Let’s begin.

About The Capture

As mentioned above, The Capture is a British surveillance kind of mystery thriller that ran for two seasons. Season one premiered on 3 September 2019, having six episodes. Season two finally premiered on 28 August 2022 on BBC One in the UK. However, it is scheduled for 3 November 2022 and premieres on Peacock in the US. Season two has six episodes, out of which two have aired.

Ben Chanan is the director of The Capture with the production team of Rosie Alison, Tom Coan, Tom Winchester, Ben Irving, and David Heyman. It was the most requested new show in 2019 on BBC iPlayer.

The Star Cast

Holliday Grainger as Rachel Carey, Cavan Clerkin as DS Patrick Flynn, Ginny Holder as Nadia Latif, Ben Miles as Commander Danny Hart, Famke Janssen as Jessica Mallory, and Ron Perlman as Frank Napier is some of the common casts from the series to name a few.


The Capture Review

The Star Cast of The Capture

However, Callum Turner as Lance Corporal Shaun Emery, Sophia Brown as Karen Merville, Paul Ritter as Marcus Levy, Laura Haddock as Hannah Roberts, and Alan Williams as Eddie Emery appeared in Season one.

Season two will feature Paapa Essiedu as Isaac Turner, Indira Varma as Khadija Khan, Andy Nyman as Home Secretary Rowan Gill, Rob Yang as Yan Wangler, etc., with other previous casts.

The Plot

The Capture is about the United Kingdom Special Forces Lance Corporal Shaun Emery. Emery is acquitted of a war crime in Afghanistan. Also, he is accused of kidnapping and murdering his lawyer, Hannah Roberts. And this is all based on CCTV footage. But he wants his name cleared up from those crimes he is accused of.

On the other hand, Rachel Carey, a fast-tracked Detective Inspector from Homicide and Serious Crime Command, takes charge of Emery’s case. And while investigating, she uncovers a complex conspiracy surrounding Emery and even suspects the validity of that footage.

The Capture: Review

The Capture (Season one) review was very positive, and its audience liked it very much. This is evident from the fact that The Capture was not only the most requested new show in 2019 on BBC iPlayer but also the eighth most requested series overall in 2019.

James Jackson from The Times awarded it four stars and mentioned it as a neatly structured thriller. The Telegraph labeled it as riveting. According to the critics of The Independent, The Capture is an intriguing but flawed sort of Big Brother thriller set in our contemporary world of digital snooping. However, disagreeing with such reviews, The Guardian gave three stars and labeled it as a twisty if lackluster drama.

The Capture Review
Callum Turner, in one of the scenes from the series

Meanwhile, the audiences praised the finale along with good-looking actors and the style of the story plotted in it. In one of her interviews, Holliday Grainger compared her upcoming TV show The Capture with an acclaimed series, The Bodyguard. And the critics seem to agree with this.

The beauty of watching such thrillers is that it takes us away from real life and stimulates our imaginations into stories that may never happen. Its a gold for the believers of conspiracy theories. Although some felt the ending was flat.

Overall, The Capture is a good thriller series having good actors, suspense, and a taste of something new. Hence, the review for The Capture in this article is positive.

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