One Punch Man Season 2 English Dub Hulu Update: When Does It Arrive?

Season 2 of One Punch Man premiered in April of 2019. The finale episode titled “The Wiping of The Disciple’s Butt” aired on July 2, 2019, and it saw Geno’s fight with Garou, where Silverfang and Bomb drop happened. Season 1 of One Punch Man aired last in December of 2015, and it was nearly after 3.5 years that Season 2 dropped. The question that has plagued audiences mind right now is that when will One Punch Man Season 3 arrive on Hulu? And the other question is that has One-Punch Man Season 3 been confirmed for Hulu? We’ll also shed some light on Season 2 dub and whether that’s available on Hulu.

Season 2 of OPM ended on a cliffhanger; it has made us both eager and antsy for One Punch Man season 3. The update announcement obviously remains far from now. One Punch Man is pretty ruthless with the delay between Seasons. If you have been following the anime, you should know that there was a long delay between Season 1 and 2, as discussed above. Sure, the anime is a major success story, but the translated dubbed versions take hell lot of time. We have prepared an up-to-date guide about the Japanese and One Punch Man season 3 English dub update. Keep reading to know.

You may think that One Punch Man has a update, with the kind of hype surrounding the TV show, but no, it’s not so. The thing is, we don’t have a One Punch Man Season 3 update or even a confirmation. You might have expected the season 3 update to be already known. Season 2 finale ended without any clear confirmation on Season 3 of One Punch Man, and how and when exactly new episodes would be released. Let’s just hope the wait isn’t as long as there was between Season 1 and Season 3. Season 1 aired in Japan between October and December 2015, and Season 2 aired in April 2019. Therefore, fans may have to wait another three and a half years for season 3, if things go by previous schedules. We sure hope not.

Now the next question, if one demands that One Punch Man Season 2 be dubbed in English, one may have to wait for even a longer period. We don’t have a One Punch Man dub update as of now. As I write this, what you don’t know is, there isn’t even a season 2 English dub. The production on OPM is incredibly slow; you can watch the Japanese version with subtitles for Season 2. More as we have it.

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