Girls Band Cry Original Anime Series Drops 4th English-Subtitled Music Video!

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Girls Band Cry
Girls Band Cry Releases 4th Music Video (Credits: IGN)

The official YouTube channel of Toei Animation’s original anime, Girls Band Cry, treated fans to an exciting new English-subtitled music video. The video featured the catchy tune “Ideal Paradox” performed by the in-story band, Togenashi Togeari.

This marks the fourth digitally released song for the project, accompanied by a vibrant and visually stunning music video now available on YouTube, and fans can’t get enough of the project’s melodies and impressive marketing. Will this upcoming original anime be a must-watch for all anime and music enthusiasts? 

The first three songs released are “Namonaki Nanimokamo” (Nameless Name) and “Itsuwari no Kotowari” (no rhyme nor reason), and White Drizzle in Gloom, all performed by Togenashi Togeari. 

This new music anime promises a ride of the highs and lows of the girl’s tumultuous yet heartwarming journey toward stardom. From improving their fierce vocals to overcoming personal struggles, these girls will show you the true power of friendship, willpower, and the magic of music. Will it live up to the standards of K-On!, Nana, and other legendary music anime? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

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All About Girls Band Cry

Undoubtedly, we have high expectations from Girls Band Cry, from the plot to the character designs to the animation, and why wouldn’t we when Girls Band Cry is an original work from none other than, Toei Animation? 

The second single, which includes the third and fourth songs, is set to be released on August 30, featuring an illustration on the CD jacket featuring the main character, Nina Iseri, breaking stereotypes and moving forward by destroying symbols of modern necessities like money and smartphones. 

Girls Band Cry anime was announced in April of this year and hasn’t missed a chance to add to the hype. By releasing music videos one by one, they’re not only increasing the curiosity and hype but also maintaining it. 

The first music video released set the mood for the anime, letting us know what to expect. The tune makes your head bang, but the lyrics make your eyes tear up. The instrumental was incredible, and the lead vocalist only made the song better. 

Girls Band Cry
Girls Band Cry Visual (Credits: Crunchyroll)

The third music video, White Drizzle in Gloom, is painted in black-and-white, and talks of the concept of “trying to make your way in a difficult world” and relates to the members’ lives in Togenashi Togeari. Despite the ups and downs in life, the song promotes a “path of hope and faith” even when the future is rocky and uncertain. 

Fan of rock and blues? Then No Rhyme Nor Reason is the perfect anisong for you. The second single will make your body groove to every minute of the song. No Rhyme Nor Reason blessed not only our ears but also our eyes with the exciting animation and CGI featured in the music video. 

The Plot of Girls Band Cry

In “Girls Band Cry,” our main character faces the scary challenge of dropping out of high school during her second year, but she’s determined to enter university while endlessly working in busy Tokyo. Meanwhile, another girl deals with the heartbreak of betrayal by her friends, leaving her lost and unsure of her next steps.

And yet another girl, abandoned by her own parents, fights to survive in the unforgiving city through part-time jobs. In a world that constantly lets them down and where nothing goes as planned, they want something to hold onto, something to love, and that’s what they find in music. 

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