Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Anime Reveals Exciting English Dub Cast, Dub Releases on July 26

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Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence
Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Anime Series (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Crunchyroll has exciting news for anime enthusiasts as they announced the English dub streaming of “Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence” manga’s anime adaptation on July 26. Originally scheduled to premiere in April, the anime’s debut was delayed due to COVID-19’s impact on production.

It finally aired on July 12, and Crunchyroll wasted no time in bringing the English version to fans, premiering the first episode at Anime Expo on July 3. Japanese audiences were treated to a special screening of the first and second episodes at Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo on July 8. Crunchyroll streams the anime as it airs. 

Follow along as Cecilia’s not-so-angelic habits clash with Lawrence’s practical nature, resulting in comedic and heartwarming moments that will make your heart sing. From heavenly hymns to holy hijinks, this anime adaptation promises to deliver a blend of romance and comedy that will keep you hooked from the very first episode. 

We’ve seen the pastor trope in shows like Fleabag, but will Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence live up to those standards? 

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All About Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Anime Series 

The English dub is directed by Jad Saxton, while Colleen Clinkenbeard handles the production. The English adaptation was overseen by Clayton Browning with Matt Grounds as the mixer and Sawyer Pledderer as the engineer. 

The English dub cast includes Hannah Alyea voicing Saint Cecilia, Josh Bangle voicing Pastor Lawrence, Erin Lundquist voicing Rebecca, Kent Williams voicing Grandpa, Katelyn Barr voicing young Lawrence, Liz Laurenti voicing Lily, and Nazia Chaudhry voicing Lily’s Mom.

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence
Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Key Visual (Credits: IGN)

The original anime adaptation is directed by Sumie Noro and produced by Doga Kubo. The series scripts are written by Yuka Yamada, while Hiromi Nakagawa designs the characters. The music is composed by Ruka Kawada.

The opening theme song, Koi Sekai (Love World), is performed duo ClariS and the ending theme song, Toko Siesta, is performed by Sasanomaly. Other staff members include:

  • Chieko Nakamura as art director
  • Genta Makabe as the color key artist
  • Seiichi Sugiura as compositing director of photography
  • Mutsumi Takemiya as editor
  • Masanori Tsuchiya as sound director

The Plot of the Series 

In the outskirts of a peaceful town, Lawrence is a dutiful pastor, guiding the townsfolk to the church to seek counsel from the revered “Saint.” But unknown to many, the compassionate Saint is actually Cecilia, a kind young girl who has to deal with such a burdensome role.

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence
Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence (Credits: Crunchyroll)

She’s very lazy so that often leaves Lawrence managing the church alone. As they bond over time, their friendship grows, with Lawrence embracing Cecilia’s easy-going demeanor and her finding comfort in his caring nature.

However, as Cecilia’s feelings for Lawrence evolve, how will the devoted pastor react when their friendship takes an unexpected turn? 

How was the Manga?

Let’s start with the positives: there’s nothing really wrong with this book. The artwork is adorable, and the four-panel format adds a charming vibe to the storytelling. The plot manages to throw in some humor and sweetness effortlessly, leaving you with warm fuzzy feelings. 

But here’s the issue, it might just be too nice for its own good. Conflicts get resolved swiftly, with little room for any real tension. The only true teaser is Lawrence’s obliviousness to Cecelia’s affections, and that becomes repetitive as well. The plot unfolds pretty slowly, which can get boring. 

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a pure-intentioned and heartwarming story, with its fair share of adorable gestures and kindness. But, sometimes, “nice” doesn’t cut it. To keep things engaging, there needs to be a bit more excitement to balance out the calm plot.

Reading it in small doses might enhance the overall experience, but reading it entirely in one sitting might leave you feeling slightly underwhelmed. That being said if you’re searching for a cute and innocent read, then Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence is perfect for you. 

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