The Anarchists HBO Review: Is it Worth Watching?

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The Anarchists HBO Review
The Anarchists HBO Review

The Anarchists, Who are they? What do they want? What was the fate of an anarchy experiment that began in Acapulco, Mexico? HBO brings a six-part documentary series dedicated to this movement started by Jeff Berwick to answer these questions. And in this article, we will review The Anarchists, based on its first looks and the trailer released on July 7, 2022.

The show is inspired by the Jeff Berwick-led anarchist movement that began in 2015 in Mexico that turned into an annual gathering known as “Anarchapulco”. Todd Schramke followed this idea with Jason Blum, Jeremiah Crowell, and Kim Kylland and turned it into an HBO series. It displays the lives of people attracted by the idea of absolute freedom who end up messing their lives into a scary fortune. So, let’s begin The Anarchists review.

Who are Anarchists?

Anarchists are people demanding complete freedom from governments that follow a hierarchical system and central banks of the country. They believe people are their own rulers. And without being under any control of authorities, they will be freer to live their lives.

About The Anarchists Series

The show revolves around the idea of Anarchism and the people who followed it. The movement’s mastermind, Jeff Berwick, is a Canadian entrepreneur turned demagogue who held a public conference in 2015 in the small city of Acapulco of Mexico. This conference focused on promoting the idea of pure anarchy and absolute individual self-rule. And people got quickly allured by this.

The event is named “Anarchapulco”. It soon attracts an international array of libertarians, fugitives, crypto-currency preachers, and people getting out of anything running under government, including schools.

The Anarchists HBO Review
The Anarchists

And these events stretched for six years, slowly becoming a playground for the capitalists. The conference turns into a sponsored annual event from the crypto-currency companies. Even speakers like Ron Paul and BitCoin investor Roger Ver are featured by companies.

However, gradually, the self-ruling life becomes a nightmare, and Acapulco becomes the most dangerous city. It ends up witnessing the fractured relationships, rivalries, and murders in the lawless society.

The Cast

The show features Berwick, the head of this movement. It includes activists Lisa and Nathan Freeman (a married couple who fled the United States with their children), and John Galton and Lily Forester (as fugitives running on drug charges).

The Anarchists HBO Review
The different characters in the film

A war veteran Paul (full of anger and rage for being outcasted in the community), Todd Schramke, Jason Blum, Jeremiah Crowell, and Kim Kylland are also in the show. 

The Anarchists Review: Is it a true story?

If we look at the soul of the show, then Yes. But a no for relating to the incidents displayed inside. This is because the show makers try to present an idea through events that may or may not be real. The characters belong to our surroundings and hence are relatable. However, the idea of anarchist movements is true. It did happen in the past during the age of Renaissance and early modern eras.

Significance in the 21st century

With the occasional global turmoils and clashes between governments, banking systems, and the general public, the idea of anarchy may still feel relevant. However, in an educated society, its possibility is the least. But growing capitalism may pose a challenge in the future. 

One of the scenes from the traileranarchists
One of the scenes from the trailer

The director Todd Schramke was open to an understanding of anarchy without caring for the judgments that followed. He allowed a free flow of people’s journeys, for the lessons thus delivered are learned well.

It does leave topics for an open discussion. Is a non-government society possible? Can it survive without law and order? Is peace possible with like-minded people? Are absolute freedom and liberty really attainable? 

The Anarchists overall review

After the review, we can say that HBO’s Anarchists isn’t a perfect document series. Although the show premiered only one episode now, its stories are overlapping and messy, going from flashbacks to the present quick jumbling minds. However, its theme is of grave importance for understanding the significance of rule and law in society.

The Anarchists HBO Review
Stills from trailer

New episodes will premiere every Sunday beginning. However, follow the link below for its trailer.

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