Westworld Season 3 Cast Update: ‘Aaron Paul’ Reveals Finale News

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Westworld Season 3
Aaron Paul in Westworld Season 3

Aaron Paul recently revealed some details about the upcoming season 3 of Westworld. The actor is also busy with the upcoming movie of Breaking Bad which he stars in as the iconic Jesse Pinkman on 11 October. On the other hand 2020 has a lot of great things for him. The third season of Westworld has been in production in a long time but for the fans, the creator dropped a trailer during the San Diego Comic-Con, so that fans were finally able to peek at what they were waiting for.

Westworld Season 3 Story Details

The show is currently not finshed filming, this was revealed by Aaron while also talking about what lies ahead of him. He said during an interview ‘I’m shooting season 3 of WW right now. We’ve just started the season three finale and we wrap at the beginning of next month.’ In Westworld, Aaron is playing construction worker called Caleb but there isn’t anything else revealed about his new role.

Westworld season 3 update
Aaron Paul in Westworld Season 3

I say this because we don’t whether he is a AI or a Human. Moreover, his character is in bit of a struggle because we see him even hung over a building during one shot in the trailer, while standing alongside Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) in a pensive slow-mo walk in another. But there is more as Aaron will not be alone.

It was confirmed that he will be accompanied by a helpful handyman robot named George on his side at the construction site. While George doesn’t talk, clear that the robot is a good confidante for Caleb, who declares in the trailer he wants ‘something real’. With Westworld coming very soon, the fans can’t wait to see what’s in story for them.

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