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Xbox Game Pass Adds More Games For PC In The Month Of October

Xbox Game Pass for October
Xbox Game Pass (Credits: Microsoft)

The month of October is underway and this means that new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass. The lineup of games that coming for this month for PC users for both PC and Ultimate subscribers were revealed by Microsoft. The first game on the list is The Outer Worlds which is a spiritual successor to the Fallout series from some of the leads who brought that series to life. But instead of post-apocalyptic wasteland, you will have space that you can explore.

Xbox Game Pass for October

Even though Microsoft owns the studio, it is being published through Private Division. Even after that, the company has made a deal to make it a release on Game Pass across both PC and consoles. Other games that are the racing game F2 2018, the mountain bike game Lonely Mountains Downhill, and the micro-sized game Minit.

Moreover, Saints Row 4: Re-Elected will be available in which you can experience a sci-fi thriller with the State of Mind, and journey into the stars with Stellaris. Among the announced games, only The Outer Worlds which releases on October 25 and also available on the console Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass

The Outer Worlds (Credits: Obsidian Entertainment)

In that announcement, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption will be leaving the service in October, so play it while you can. As for the PC game releases is different from Xbox One console lineup, which includes Dishonored 2, World War Z, Yooka-Laylee. You can purchase the PC or console game pass individually for $10 per month, or get the combined “Ultimate” Game Pass that also includes Xbox Live Gold for $15 per month.