Good Burger 2 Confirmed For 2023

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Good Burger 1997 movie
Good Burger 1997 movie

Good Burger 2 is coming back on your TV screen this year on Paramount plus. A classical comedy-drama family from 1977, The film originally starred Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell and first premiered in 1997 as a spin-off from a series of sketches from All That.

The news was confirmed during an appearance by Kenan Thompson on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where it was announced that a second Good Burger film is officially in the works. Fans of the original film will be delighted to hear that both Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are set to reprise their roles in the upcoming sequel.

According to sources, production for Good Burger 2 is set to begin in May, and the film will premiere exclusively on Paramount plus. The streaming service has expressed its excitement to welcome back the iconic franchise, which has captured viewers’ hearts for decades.

The original Good Burger film has been a cult classic since its release in the late 1990s and has continued to attract new audiences over the years. With the return of the original stars and the addition of fresh faces, the sequel is sure to be a hit with both old and new fans alike. Paramount Plus later this year.

What Will Good Burger 2 Be About?

Good Burger 2 sees the return of Dexter Reed Thompson, who has fallen on hard times after another failed invention. Fortunately, his loyal friend Ed Mitchell offers him a warm welcome back to Good Burger and reinstates him in his former position. However, trouble arises when Dex’s plan to turn his fortunes around puts the future of Good Burger in danger once again.

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell
Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell on Tv show (credit: Youtube)

The new crew at Good Burger must band together to confront the challenges posed by Dex’s risky scheme, which threatens to undo all their hard work and put the beloved burger joint out of business. With tensions running high and the fate of the restaurant hanging in the balance, the team must work quickly to find a solution and keep their customers satisfied.

Kenan Thompson, the star of the hit film series “Good Burger,” recently shared his excitement about the show’s reboot in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. According to Thompson, the reboot has been a pleasant surprise, as the beats and rhythms of the show have held up remarkably well over time.

During a recent table read for the upcoming Good Burger 2, Thompson was thrilled to hear all the classic jokes and witness Ed’s quirky character come to life once again. He marveled at Ed’s inability to understand the world around him, a trait that he believes makes the character both hilarious and endearing.

Kel Mitchell
Kel Mitchell

Thompson believes that the movie’s unique brand of humor is “ripe for new opportunities, new storytelling, and new jokes.” He is confident that the movie will offer fans of the original series an exciting and fresh take on the beloved characters and their crazy antics.

In the same interview, Kel Mitchell also expressed his excitement for the project, which they say brings them back to the ’90s. Actor Mitchell echoed his co-star’s sentiment, saying he was grateful for good exercise and water and that they still looked youthful.

But the excitement didn’t stop there, as Mitchell went on to describe the script as “really amazing,” adding that he and co-star Kenan had a blast during the table reading. He teased that the script is filled with surprises that they can’t wait for viewers to see.

kenan thompson
Kenan Thompson

The films aim to be fun for fans who have followed the actors’ careers over the years. Mitchell expressed his eagerness to share the show with the world, hinting they have a lot in store for their audience.

Good Burger 2 promises to deliver the same crazy humor and heartwarming moments that made the original film a hit with audiences of all ages. Fans of the original are sure to be delighted by the return of their favorite characters and the exciting new challenges they face in this highly anticipated sequel. Stay tuned for more updates as the release date draws closer.

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