Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley All Out Brawl in WWE Smackdown

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Charlotte Fliar and Rhea Ripley
Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley

In the upcoming WWE event WrestleMania 39, Charlotte Flair, the current SmackDown Women’s Champion, will be defending her title against Rhea Ripley. The anticipation for this highly anticipated match was only heightened during their recent face-to-face meeting.

The meeting started with Flair delivering a promo in the ring. However, her moment was quickly interrupted by the entrance of Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. Ripley wasted no time in explaining her intentions to bring Flair down a notch.

Tensions quickly escalated as Ripley landed a punch on Flair, sparking a chaotic brawl that spilt out of the ring and into the crowd. Security was eventually able to regain control of the situation. But not before the two wrestlers had exchanged numerous blows and left the audience on the edge of their seats.

With this intense altercation, it’s clear that the upcoming championship match between Flair and Ripley will be nothing short of physical and chaotic. Fans are eagerly anticipating what promises to be a showdown for the ages at WrestleMania 39.

Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley Exchange Words and Punches on WWE Smackdown.

Charlotte Flair, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently made a statement about the upcoming WrestleMania event. Flair, who is a seven-time participant in the annual event, reflected on the history of the sport and how it has remained unchanged over time.

Charlotte Flair wwe superstar
Charlotte Flair (Credit: WWE)

Flair began by saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

When I was a baby in my mom’s arms, this business was built on Rhodes as a challenger and Flair as a champion. Now here we are in 2023, two weeks away from WrestleMania, and this WrestleMania is built upon Rhodes as a challenger and Flair as a champion,” said Flair.

Flair went on to talk about her own experiences at WrestleMania, stating that she has always been either a challenger or a champion but always a star. However, Flair acknowledged the presence of a new challenger in the form of Rhea Ripley, who is looking to claim the championship title and become a star in her own right.

“Now Rhea Ripley wants to be the champion; she wants to be the star, but she can’t become the champion before she goes through me,” said Flair. “Three years ago, Rhea Ripley couldn’t go through me, and today she can’t go through me because the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley (Credit: WWE)

In reply, wrestler Rhea Ripley made a bold statement about SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Ripley, who arrived in the ring with Dominik, started by acknowledging Flair’s skills and accomplishments in the ring, stating, “You’re 100 percent right, Charlotte Flair. I chose you.”

However, Ripley quickly shifted the tone of her speech, revealing her true intentions toward the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

You’re the SmackDown Women’s Champion for a reason. You’ve been a 14-time women’s champion for a reason. It’s because you’re a superstar. I can give you all the credit in the world because you’re one of the biggest stars in WWE, but that right there, your SmackDown Women’s Championship, I want. Hell, I need it!” Ripley exclaimed.

The wrestler then went on to address the fear she allegedly instilled in her colleagues backstage. “When I walk through the locker room, men and women both, turn their backs and walk away because of fear. Because I’m dangerous and bloody good at what I do, and they fear me. Except for you,” Ripley said, referring to Flair.

Upcoming match between Charlotte and Reha for women's championship
The upcoming match between Charlotte Flair and Rhea for the women’s championship (Credit: WWE)

Ripley seemed particularly angered by Charlotte Flair’s lack of fear towards her, stating, “I mean, look at you right now. You’re staring me down without an ounce of fear in your eyes. And to be quite frank with you, that pisses me off.” The wrestler ended her speech by making a bold prediction. “After WrestleMania, once everything is done and dusted, you’re going to learn to call me Champion, and you’re going to learn to fear me,” Ripley warned Flair.

Then Dominik taunted Charlotte Flair by proclaiming that “Mami is going to beat you at WrestleMania.” Angered by the comment, Flair attempted to attack Dominik but was met with a fierce blow from Ripley. As the match continued, Flair became increasingly agitated, eventually throwing down her title belt in a rage.

Charlotte Flair charged towards Ripley, and the two began to brawl fiercely in and out of the ring. The fight eventually ended, with both Flair and Ripley being escorted out of the arena by security.

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