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‘One Piece Live Action’ Casts A Real Reindeer For Chopper

Live-action adaptations of anime series is a tricky subject in the anime community. After all, there are only a handful of anime adaptations that are done right. However, it seems like a company which is in need of some staff has done something some of the One Piece live-action producers never dared to do. An ad was posted in the job search engine “Indeed” which features post-time skip Straw Hat crew, including a special actor for Tony Tony Chopper.

The ad features Takumi Saito as Luffy and Chidori’s Daigo as Usopp. Nami was portrayed by Rika Izumi, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi portrayed Zoro, and Yosuke Kubozuka portrayed Sanji. A real reindeer was used to portray Chopper, complete with a backpack and his iconic headgear. The crew is standing in a rock while a storm is brewing behind them. Robin, Brook, and Franky were all missing in the ad.

The Indeed ad features three job listings, all for assistant roles of the Straw Hat members. Sanji is in need of an assistant that will help him in recipe development as well as being a cooking aid for new dishes. The job will pay for JPY 32,000 or nearly $300 a day. The job will commence in the Minato Ward and is listed as a “part-time” job. Meanwhile, Chopper is looking for an assistant that can help him reproduce the “Hilulu’s Sakura.” Nami, on the other hand, is looking for an assistant that will help her in navigating the seas. It seems like a job posting for Usopp and Zoro’s character will also be available in the future. Luffy seems like he doesn’t need an assistant for now.

One Piece is also expected to release a movie for its anniversary this year. The movie is called One Piece Stampede and is expected to come this year on August 9th.

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