AE Mysteries Lost Ruins Chapter 1: Walkthrough

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AE (Adventure Escape) Mysteries: Lost Ruins Revenge on Atlantis is a new Adventure in the series that features a gripping plot and tricky riddles to complete. The story revolves around Professor Burns, who becomes possessed by an ancient relic and sets out to destroy the Undersea City of Atlantis.

Heroes need your aid to stop Professor Burns from destroying the ancient city. Prepare for the latest adventure, Lost Ruins: Revenge on Atlantis. On this trip, you will encounter a fascinating combination of Mysteries, Puzzles, and Adventures.

As with prior AEM Adventures, you begin your quest with nothing but a few sentences detailing the storyline and your detective abilities – your only weapon. To uncover clues, you may have to play mini-games, solve riddles, and find hidden things along the way.

Finding hidden things will be difficult because the game does not specify what to look for or how to utilize them; consequently, you need to rely on your detective abilities rather than a tip system. The added hint system will cost you starts that you can discover randomly on the scenario.

AE Mysteries with 8 Chapters

AE Mysteries: Lost Ruins Revenge on Atlantic is divided into eight challenging chapters, each with its sites to explore and secret artifacts to discover. Each chapter may have multiple mini-games to finish, and you cannot go to the second chapter without first completing the first. As a result, you should continue to solve mini-games and riddles to unlock chapters. The following chapters are available:

AE Mysteries Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The plot of Lost Ruins: Revenge on Atlantis centers around three characters: Professor Bruns, Peter, and Xochi, who start on a trip to uncover the Heart of Zura before anyone else due to the discovery of a new city (Zerzura). Mercenaries, too, are ready to capture Zeura at whatever cost. They’re on their way to acquiring it, so you’ll have to help the professor finish the assignment before anybody else in Adventure Escape Mysteries: Lost Ruins Revenge on Atlantis.

  • First, get a Crowbar from the ground and pick up the rock containing the automobile keys.
  • Open the container on the right side with the crowbar from your inventory to obtain the Wirecutter.
  • Select the cutter from your inventory and cut the wire fence. After passing over the gate, go to the board on the left side and drag the photographs to see all of them because a few are concealed.


Enter the vehicle. Peter devises a plan to use the radio to summon the soldiers and order them to leave. The radio frequency is 107.3, according to the bulletin board. First, set aside the lion bobblehead and take the little key. Open the glove compartment with the key and examine the notebook inside. Adjust the radio frequency to 107.3.

We must persuade the soldiers to depart by answering a few questions. Lt. Williams had left a message on the bulletin board that declared, “No entry for anyone.”

  • Choose Williams when they ask who’s calling.
  • When asked what your rank is, say Lieutenant.
  • It has become more difficult today. The inquiry is, “What is the call sign for your group?” Look at the notebook in the car; you’ll discover Akkhra next to Williams’ name. There was a map with Akkhra on the bulletin board beside a lion head. So Lion is the solution.
  • They then inquired, “What is our group’s ID number?” It’s not in the notebook, but we can figure it out by looking at the other figures. The first group ID is 124, followed by 247. The final one is 506. Add 1 to the first digit, 2 to the second, and 3 to the third. You then get 360 for the third group ID and 483 for the fourth group ID, which we need. So there you have it. Then, instruct them to leave the location.

Pick up the shovel and dig up the sand mounds, exposing two stone heads. Examine the door’s combination lock. Imagine the redhead in its proper place on the red statue and the whitehead in its correct location on the white figure. Then, looking at the horns on all four figures, press the buttons on the lock corresponding to them. Then proceed through.


The door has a combination locker, and you must solve the riddle using four photographs. To locate the solution, press the back button and look for the horns put on stone heads, as shown in the image below.

Zerzura Center

Clear the rock blockage above the left statue using the spear. Examine the mural on the right after cleaning it with the brush. Then, using the trowel, dig through the rubble to retrieve the bowl. Let’s utilize the clues on the mural to open the box beneath it. Count how many arrows and spears there are on each colored portion of the mural. You get four blues, three reds, one green, and three yellows. Put that in the box and get the second bowl.

Place one of the bowls in the left statue’s hands. Fill the chain with water by pulling it. Please pick it up again and place it in the hands of the appropriate figure. Then, place the second bowl in the hands of the left figure and pull the chain again. Both figures should now have full water bowls, and several stone tablets should rise from the ground.

Again, press the button above the right statue. Take note of the flashing symbols. Count the number of times you see each one. It should be one of the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, or 4. So the first sign flashes three times, the second symbol dashes twice, the third flashes once, and the fourth flashes four times. Then, in that sequence, replace the characters on the tablets. Finally, it should look like this:


Attempt to cross the bridge. We must solve the problem of Bridges and Gates! The puzzle’s purpose is to get the two figures to stand on the two entry platforms with yellow targets. The only platform on which they may both stand simultaneously is the beginning platform. Don’t run out of moves by using the colored buttons to unlock the gates along the road.

Sacred Room in AE Mysteries Chapter 1

  • Look at the mural while holding the Morningstar and the bow and arrow. Take note of the animals on the wall and the symbols beneath the gongs.
  • Use the bow and arrow with the candles to light it on fire, and then shoot a flaming arrow at the cobwebs. Then, grab the charged drone.
  • Now, let’s figure out the order to hit the gongs. Notice on the mural that each row has one animal and one symbol. That animal represents that symbol. So the three spikes go with the ox, the star-like shape with the lion, and the 8-pointed body with the… dragon?
  • So now look at the six animals on the wall again. Start with the one leading the others. It goes Dragon, Lion, Ox, Lion, Dragon, Lion. Find the gongs with the symbols that match them and hit them with the Morningstar in that order. I numbered them below if you need help.

  • Use the drone with the tiles now. The Disable Trap Puzzle must be solved. Put the rocks on the tiles so that they all become green.
  • When the troops arrive, they force the professor to unlock the tomb and toss Xochi and Peter into it.

This marks the end of AE Mysteries Lost Ruins Chapter 1.

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