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A3! Season Autumn & Winter Episode 20 Updates So Far

A3! Season Autumn & Winter

At Ve Ludo Station the fans are buying tickets for the upcoming show and King Tsumugi manages to get one. When he is outside he met with Tasuku who asks him why he is back and King’s ticket got blown away by the wind. He told Tasuku that it has been a long time no see. At Mankai Company they are holding new winter troupe auditions and Izumi is worried that they didn’t scout anyone this time. She is not even sure if people will show up.

Omi said that it will be fine since they have gained popularity and two new guys show up. Juza asks them if they have come for auditions in a scary voice. Setsu said that he must learn to talk nicely without scaring them and the two guys said yes. Sakyo said he will be the one to talk with them and Taichi said Sakyo must stay back he can handle them. Izumi welcomes them and they perform a play. The new guys are Azuma Yukishiro and Tsumugi they explained why they wanted to joining the troupe.

A3! Season Autumn & Winter Episode 20 Recap

A3! Season Autumn and Winter Episode 20 will be released on Tuesday, 1 December 2020, at 12:00 AM JST. A new episode of A3! Season Autumn and Winter will be released every Tuesday. Watch this Anime officially on AnimeLab.Let’s take a look below at what this Anime has to offer for us.

A3! Season Autumn & Winter

A3! Season Autumn & Winter

A3! Season Autumn and Winter Summary

The troupe has gathered waiting for the auditions to start. Taichi said that he already knew Ten-man and nicknamed him Tenny. Izumi went to Omi and thanks Omi for coming and ask him if he is here for the audition as an actor. Omi replied yes saying that to be an actor has become his dream. Another guy shows up and Yuki asks who is that the standard gangster. Muku replied that it is Jucha who said he is not here to talk. Jucha asks if this is the place where the auditions are going to take place. Izumi replied yes he is at the right place and asks if he is here for the auditions.

Jucha said yes and she told him to fill out his name and the reason for the auditions form.  Juza shows up and he is the rivalry of Jucha they both wanted to square off. Izumi breaks them and told them to calm down. Taichi reveals that Juza is a third-year student and a top dog who has never been defeated in a fight. Later the auditions started while Jucha and Juza are on a staredown.

Izumi told them to stop and focus on the auditions. Juza said anyone will pass if he passes. Jucha said Juza is not interested in acting and he is a dropout. After the auditions, Jucha and Juza got involved in a fight. Before the fight Juza teases Jucha that he can’t act with his face just like that. When they are busy fighting and they were about to knock each other out Omi came and breaks the fight. Omi told them that dinner is ready. Taichi said Omi is a superhero looking at how he is holding two guys in one hand.

A3! Season Autumn and Winter Episode 20 Preview

With these latest updates about the upcoming episode of this Anime that’s start this week. Next week Tuesday we hit again with another latest update. That’s what we have to offer for this week.