David Dastmalchian Planning a Count Crowley Movie or TV Show

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David Dastmalchian
David Dastmalchian

David Dastmalchian, the creator and author of the popular Count Crowley comic book series, has set his sights on bringing the character to life on the small screen. The actor and writer have been writing the County Crowley books for the past few years, with both volumes receiving critical acclaim.

The comic book series follows the story of Jerri, a recovering addict who hosts Friday night movies on TV and hunts monsters in her spare time. Fans have fallen in love with Jerri’s character and her unique blend of grit and vulnerability.

Dastmalchian is now looking to expand the Count Crowley universe by developing a live-action adaptation of the comic book series. The project would bring Jerri’s monster-hunting adventures to life on the TV screen, allowing viewers to experience the character’s journey in a whole new way.

While no official release date or network has been announced, fans of the series are eagerly anticipating the possibility of seeing Count Crowley come to life on their screens. With Dastmalchian’s passion for the project and the critical success of the comic book series, there’s plenty of reason to believe that the live-action adaptation will be a hit with audiences.

David Dastmalchian talked about comic series and TV shows.

David Dastmalchian, the creator of Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter, recently sat down for an interview with Comicbook to discuss the release of the second collected edition of the comic series. In the interview, Dastmalchian revealed that he has always had the goal of bringing Jerri’s story to the screen.

“I’ve always believed that Jerri’s story would translate well into episodic television or a miniseries, and I felt that way from the beginning,” Dastmalchian said. “I’m currently talking to some incredible women. A writer who creates television shows. There’s even an actor who I love for this. I am talking to some really powerful creators about what this would look like.”

David Dastmalchian with his comic book
David Dastmalchian with his comic book

Dastmalchian’s passion for the project is evident as he talks about the potential for Jerri’s story to reach a wider audience. “And I know that if I can just continue to do the best work I can do and push myself and believe, the sky’s the limit with this journey,” he said. “We’re just scratching the surface as far as the comic book narrative is going right now.”

Fans of Count Crowley can look forward to more exciting developments as Dastmalchian works to bring the beloved character to life on the screen. With his dedication and a talented team of creators behind him, the possibilities for Jerri’s story are endless.

To support his dream, David Dastmalchian founded his own production company.

David Dastmalchian, the creator of the comic book series “Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter,” has long harbored a desire to see his creation adapted for the big or small screen. And now, with the launch of his very own production company, Good Fiend Films, he’s in a prime position to make that dream a reality.

David Dastmalchian
David Dastmalchian

For years, David Dastmalchian has been vocal about his desire to see “Count Crowley” brought to life on either the TV or movie screen. And with the recent formation of Good Fiend Films, he’s taking the first steps towards making that happen.

Good Fiend Films is a production company that David Dastmalchian has created to help bring his creative projects to fruition. With the company, Dastmalchian will be able to oversee the production process and ensure that his vision for “Count Crowley” is realized.

About Count Crowley’s Comicbook

A small-town TV station demotes aspiring reporter Jerri Bartman to host Creature Feature, a move that initially leaves her fuming. However, Jerri soon discovers that the job entails more than simply introducing subpar B-movies to the audience.

Count Crowley comic book
Count Crowley’s comic book

On her debut night as Count Crowley, Jerri dons the costume of her predecessor, who had mysteriously vanished, only to come face to face with a real-life werewolf. The encounter with the creature leaves Jerri rattled but also piques her curiosity about the supernatural world.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Jerri embraces her new role and the exciting possibilities that come with it. The Creature Feature program may not be the job she had hoped for, but it turns out to be an unexpected adventure that takes her on a wild ride.

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